Spontoon Tales - Extracts from a Diary

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Spontoon Tales is one of the longstanding stories found at the Spontoon Island website. This is a lengthy tale by Simon Barber, in the form of the diary of student Amelia Bourne-Phipps, who attended the Songmark Aeronautical Boarding School For Young Ladies, located on Spontoon's Eastern Island, from 1934 to 1937.

When Amelia wrote the diary, she used a little known form of shorthand so that no one would be able to decipher it. In the 1970's, Amelia translated the diary, for the benefit of her granddaughters. Amelia's diary details the busy life of a Songmark student; the adventures she and her dorm-mates have; and her impressions of not only Spontoon, but of the other places she visits.

During her years at Songmark, Amelia's life has acquired various complications which will have to be resolved.

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