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Spliced is a Canadian cartoon which tells the story of mutated talking animals that live in an isolated tropical island called Keep Away Island. They are the result of genetic experiments made by a mad scientist. But sadly, it was only a matter of time until the judicial system caught whiff of the whole situation and arrested the scientist for crimes against nature and "good taste". They now live alone in their own civilization.

A Show most based on the Rule of Funny.


The Three Main characters are Peri, a mutant of indeterminate species. He is a overly-optimistic mutant who is desperately Looking For A Purpose In Life.

Entrée a mutant that is part cow, pig, chicken and shrimp. He is a Jerk and a Big Eater. Even throught he is a male, he has a pair of udders which he also uses as feet and he also lay eggs. He is also Peri's Best friend.

Patricia, a platypus that happened to live on Keep Away Island when the Doctor set up his lab. She is nice and intelligent but could be quite violent when provoked.

The main villain is Mister Smarty Smarts, a dolphin-chimpanzee who constantly attempts to subdue the townsfolk into doing his bidding and changing the island into an imperialistic "him-topia".

Parental Bonus[edit]

Sometimes there is a plot inside a cartoon that make you think "Does This Remind You of Anything?"

In the episode "Pink", Peri wakes up one day and finds out that he has turned the color pink (Instead of his usual orange), and Entrée does not want to be his friend anymore because of this. The metaphor is heightened by the fact that Entrée thinks that being around Peri will turn him pink, and indeed has a nightmare in which this happens.

Entrée: "Hey Peri? Have you tried being Orange again?"

Other eisodes whith examples are "Juice" and "Mo' Mayo Mo' Problems"

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