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Subject Furry
Server muck.spindizzy.org port 7073 (TLS required)
Operator(s) Austin Dern, Ping, Lightspill
Status Ongoing
Ran from/to 1998 - present

SpinDizzy is a MUCK (which is the successor to the former MUCK, Toons, Furr, and Fluff [TF&F]), which focuses on whimsical interaction, mostly between animal characters of varying levels of anthropomorphism.


SpinDizzy has had a regularly published online newspaper for its entire existence, featuring its characteristic style of reporting.

The original version was titled @Action News, and ran from April 1998 to February 2010. It was edited for many years by Argon Hamilton.

Its successor, SpinDizzy News, is run by the following staff:[1]

According to the News credits page:

Anyone can be a reporter for the News by writing and submitting articles.

Recurring events[edit]

SpinDizzy has several recurring events including its own set of holidays. Other non-holiday events include an Artist's Ambush (modeled off the one on FurryMUCK), Christmas Tree ceremonies, a World’s Fair, and Olympic games.


Holiday Date
Iceberg Day 2nd Wednesday of January
Hugging Day February 9th
Morality Day 4th Monday of February
Shiny Day March 17th
Love Day April 10th
Day of Remembrance May 30th
Festival of Cuteness 3rd Tuesday of June
Expanding Horizons Day July 14th
Jellicle Ball August 1st
Mecha Day 3rd Sunday in August
Founder's Day September 28th
Groovy Day 2nd Monday in October
National Horizontal Day 3rd Thursday of November
E-Holiday (Everything Day) December 8th



  • Austin Dern - Managing Editor, Helpstaff Lead
  • Lightspill - Just greasing the wheels of reality!
  • Ping - Cookie management. No, really!

Former wizards[edit]


  • Beltrami - Building, Tinyplot Scenes, Other, Otherness
  • BunnyHugger - Building, MUF, MPI, homes, local culture, etc.
  • Dragoncat - Building, MUF/MPI, Minor in Character Descing
  • fluffy - Building, MPI, mad science, laundry
  • Kamare - Building, MPI, RP, A shoulder to lean on
  • Sirianna

Former staff[edit]

  • GreenKai - Building, MPI/MUF, Cheese/Carrots, Hugs/Fuzzles
  • Niny'ah - Questions, RP assistance, minor in MPI and Descing
  • Westly - Questions/RP Coaching/Dispute Resolution


Mayor Deputy mayor Vice mayor Inaugurated Notes
Beltrami Portia N/A December 19, 2007 Mayor did not run for reelection.
Jaxen Kefan N/A February 18, 2010 Mayor did not run for reelection.
Enkeli Lightspill N/A February 14, 2012 Mayor resigned and deputy succeeded.
Lightspill kedra N/A September 19, 2012 Mayor promoted to wizard and resigned mayorship; deputy succeeded.
Chandra N/A N/A 2012 Mayor did not run for reelection.
None N/A N/A N/A In January 2013 the electorate voted to vacate the position for one year.
Jukka N/A Morticon February 9, 2014 Mayor did not run for reelection.
Sirianna N/A Lightspill February 22, 2015 Did not run for reelection.
Aldrinor N/A Kef February 15, 2016 Neither ran for reelection.
Mako N/A Daisy February 19, 2016 Current

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  1. About | SpinDizzy News

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