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Spike Blackfang with his German Shepherd dog.

Spike Blackfang, full name Spike Cerberus Blackfang, (born April 21st, 1985) is a gray wolf hybrid who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.


Spike's full name is Spike Cerberus Blackfang. He is predominately gray wolf, however has traces of demon, although very slight. Spike's character is approximately 7 feet tall, weighing in at around 300 pounds, and is muscular. His fur has blended shades of gray, up to several inches long. Near the roots of his fur, the fur is almost black, blending out to the lighter shades of gray. He has long black head fur which is always brushed back, big ears, and a fluffy tail that matches the fur color of the rest of his body. Spike's right eye is red, and his left eye is deep gold. His right eye is characteristic of the demon running through him, and is about the only sign of it. This trait allows him to have far superior sight. In Spike's right ear, he has three gold earrings along the side of the ear, and has no other "known" piercings.

Spike's new fursuit, still in the planning stages, will contain the most recent look of his character. Spike's character has been depicted lately of him wearing blue and white motocross pants, a blue and white motocross jersey, and a necklace made from an old chain from a motocross bike. This is from Spike's days when he was very active in motocross. His character's alternate wardrobe consists of a black leather biker jacket wearing faded and torn blue jeans. He always has on his dog tags and black leather collar, in addition to chains located in various places on his clothing. Sometimes, he can be seen wearing a pair of mirrored sunglasses, although these are typically hanging off of a pocket on his biker jacket. His character is more realistic than toony; however he has been portrayed as both.

In real life, Spike usually wears some kind of motocross-themed shirt.

As of February 2016, Spike is single and has been since 2012.


Before Spike moved to the Pittsburgh area, he was a Maryland resident. Due to wanting to leave Maryland for other opportunities, a relationship, and a chance to advance his career, he chose Pittsburgh's technology industry to grow in the Information Technology sector. Spike has lived in the Pittsburgh area since January 2006, and has lived in several communities, such as various locations in Pennsylvania (Plum, Aspinwall, Penn Hills, Homestead, Beaver Falls), and now lives just outside Pittsburgh in North Versailles, Pennsylvania.

Since Spike enjoys the Pittsburgh area, and the entire Western Pennsylvania region, he has no immediate plans to move from the area.

Emergency Medical Services[edit]

Spike is an Emergency Medical Technician in Pennsylvania.

Information Technology[edit]

Spike has been in the field of Information Technology since 2003. Initially, he started working right out of high school managing the IT infrastructure for a city government, later upgrading that infrastructure, and given the opportunity to work on various large scale projects. With the move to Pittsburgh, that was a step back in his career, but he eventually worked himself back up and now holds several high level certifications in Information Technology, including the ITIL v3 certification. Since the downfall of the economy, and with mass outsourcing of technology jobs in Pittsburgh, Spike no longer works in the technology sector, and has become a full-time Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Fandom involvement[edit]

Spike can be found on Furnet IRC mostly in #PAFurs or #MotocrossFurs (for dirtbike, quad, and offroading furs). Spike also frequents the #FurryHams channel. He has his own website (see External Links) and has a variety of other contact methods posted to his site. As of April 2009, Spike is starting to migrate away from Anthrochat due to lack of furs on that network.

In addition to being on IRC, Spike is also the webmaster of Pittsfurghers.com (which is currently under construction as of 23 September 2008), and has his own website, SpikeBlackfang.com. Spike is also the owner and moderator of the LiveJournal Community, motocrossfurs for furs that either ride or own dirt bikes or participate in or are a fan of motocross.


Spike's first fursuit was acquired from an auction on Furbid. He began fursuiting around town several times and started picking up how to maneuver in the suit and interact with people. He has made appearances in his fursuit during the 2005 and the 2006 Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend events, and during Anthrocon 2007 and Anthrocon 2008.

Only slight modifications to the suit were made, including the addition of clothing to the suit.

The last appearance of Spike's first fursuit, which he has named "Spike 1.0", was at Anthrocon 2008. He had made appearances throughout the hotel, the convention center, and for the first half of the Dead Dog Party.

Due to the age and slowly degrading condition of the suit, Spike had commissioned a new fursuit which was unfortunately sent but never received, and will be commissioning another fursuit.

Conventions and gatherings[edit]

Spike has attended every Anthrocon since 2006, when that convention first moved to Pittsburgh.

Spike has attended every Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend event each year since 2005. The Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend was Spike's first furry event.

He has tentative plans to attend other furry conventions and gatherings throughout the United States in the near future. Spike can typically be found at fur meets and other furry gatherings throughout Pittsburgh, during the monthly Pittsburgh fur meets, or just around town with other furs.

Interests and hobbies[edit]

Spike enjoys working with computers and electronics, and enjoys listening to a wide range of music consisting mostly of heavy metal, death metal, horrorcore, classic rock, music from the 80s era, trance, techno, and oldies from the 50s and up. Spike has an interest and moderate skill in auto mechanics, and enjoys mostly classic American cars and other classic vehicles. He is a trained, certified, and skilled driver and likes to go out and drive without a destination in mind. Spike has an interest in motorcycles and dirt bikes and has plans of getting both a motorcycle and a dirt bike, possibly from Yamaha, since the Yamaha YZ250 originally got him interested in motosports.


When he still lived in Maryland before he moved to Pittsburgh, Spike was an avid motocross rider. Although he did not enter any official circuit, he frequently rode his Yamaha YZ250 bike around trails, and through courses himself and several friends had built. Spike's friends and himself frequently competed against each other on these courses. He was required to sell his bike (as well as his car) in order to have sufficient funds to move to the Pittsburgh area. Spike has expressed great interest and has started saving in order to buy another bike again in the near future. Spike also has plans to incorporate motocross riding pants and a jersey into his partial fursuit design, although he is not releasing specifics.

Radio communications[edit]

Spike has been a radio hobbyist for many years, dating back to around 1996 when he first got involved with CB radio, and in 1999 when he got interested in Amateur radio. He now holds a GMRS radio operator license and a technician class amateur radio operator's license. He is frequently on CB, GMRS, and the amateur bands. Spike's GMRS FCC ID is WQAW630 and his amateur radio FCC ID is K9SPK.

  • CB radio - Spike has getting more involved in radio communications, especially CB radio, where he can be called on CB Channel 14 under the handle 'Spike' in the Pittsburgh, Allegheny Valley, and Beaver Valley area. He mostly monitors CB Channel 9 for any emergency traffic or to provide assistance to travelers. He has considered getting a REACT group setup in the area, both on CB Channel 9 and a GMRS REACT repeater. Spike repairs his own radio equipment when it goes down having experience repairing radio communications equipment at the commercial/public safety level. He has a CB radio in his car, as well as inside his home, where he frequently monitors.
  • GMRS radio - Spike is a licensed GMRS operator, initially licensed in August 2004. His call sign is WQAW630[1] and operates primarily on frequency 462.650 MHz, D731, +5. He is in progress of putting up a repeater to cover about 20 miles of North Versailles, Pennsylvania, but has no expectation on when those repeaters will be online and operational. As of checking on July 13, 2015, his GMRS license is expired.
  • Amateur radio - As of April 2008, Spike has become a licensed Amateur radio operator with a Technician class license. Spike's call sign is K9SPK.[2] Spike frequently monitors the 146.520 MHz (2-meter) calling frequency. His current radio equipment consists of a RadioShack HTX-202, a Yaesu VX-7R handheld and a Yaesu FT-7800R mounted in his vehicle.


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