Spider-Man Unlimited

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Spiderman Unlimited is the title of both a 13-episode animated television series (1999) and three comic book series, one of which, a 6-volume series, was based on the television series and published soon after the series began airing.

"Furry" in Spiderman Unlimited[edit]

While there have been many anthropomorphic mutant heroes and villains in the Marvel Comics and media repository spanning the company's entire history, Spiderman Unlimited is notable for being one of the few instances from Marvel that featured an entire world (in this case, Counter-Earth) populated and dominated mostly by anthropomorphic human-hybrid creatures. Furthermore, it placed Spiderman's own origins (being a human who was bitten by a radioactive spider's bite and inherited spider-like attributes that he uses to his heroic advantage as his masked character) into a stronger profile, as he was once again faced with an ambition of his enemies to turn him into a truly-insectoid, half-spider-half-man creature.

In the Spiderman Unlimited world, other anthropomorphic characters from other Marvel franchises make appearances, including John Jameson who turns into Man-Wolf in one episode of the television series, and a Bestial Wolverine makes an appearance as the bestial form of the scientist husband of Peter Parker's landlady, who is a local doctor for human patients.

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