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Specopsfox (also known as Darkmann and previously known as Flaming Cow) is a writer whose fursona is a fox.


Specopsfox's works range from clean stories, to adult situations, and have both straight and gay sexual acts in them. (He himself is bisexual, tending towards homosexual.)

His fursona is meant to be the basic orange and white fox you see, except, wherever there is white fur, his fursona has black fur instead. Basically, he has orange fur but black fur on his paws, tummy, eartips and tail end.

His first series was called Rubies & Emeralds, and was the story of two Pokémon. As of February, 2011, his ongoing series is called Chronicles of Colin. Colin is now working on a series based from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The story series is called Dizzy Twister and is currently in production. Several chapters have already been released and several more are to come.

He is now highly into the MLP:FiM brony fandom and has created his own pony-sona, an alicorn known as Movie Pro. The name comes from his passion for filmmaking and his skill with the editing program, Final Cut Pro. He has a facebook account for this character and on facebook he admins over 10 different pony related groups including the largest brony group on facebook.

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