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"Al" the Albino Fox to Acid Wolf
Acida to Alessio Scalerandi
Alex to Amras Sirfalas
Amroth to Anthrofest 2008
Anthrofiction to Art
Art-n-Coffee to Avonly Unicorn
Avothecat to Bart Bervoets
Bartek to Birthright
Bisclavret to BondoFox
BondoFox (person) to Buni (webcomic)
Buniman to Candy DeWalt
Candy Dewalt to Chainwolf
Chairman to Christina Marie Yen
Christina Penescu to Commission
Commissioner to Crafty Andy
Craftyandy to D. C. Simpson
D. Walker to Darkmaster
Darkmoon to Derek Wildstar
Derek Wolff to Domino
Domino Doz to DreamyDraemon
Dredge Iceclaw to Electric Holt
Electric Keet to EuroFurence 1
Eurodex to Fallev the Floofy Jackal
Fallimar to Ferian Gazella
Ferinoch to ForcesWerwolf
Forces werewolf to FriskyWoods
Frisky Beast to Fur The Record
Fur Valleys to Furry4life
Furry8000 to Furry x 60 II
Furrycoffeeshop to GEICO Gecko
GFC to Gleeb Gupte
Glen Larrabee to Gryphon guild
Gryphon xchange to Heavy Petting
Heckle and Jeckle to Howler
Howler Werewolf to Inaki
Inaki Zombie to Jack
Jack: The Story of a Beaver to Jeff Cordova
Jeff Cornish to Jonathan Walker
Jondi to Kalika
Kalika Futago to Keisha MaKainn
Keita Haruka to Kingdom Chums
Kingdom of Skol to Korey Flynn
Kori Collie to Lady Bastet
Lady Foxglove to Light on Shattered Water
Lightfoot Kyohti to Logan McOwen
Loganberry to Lutrai Isle
Lutrai Isles to Mandy Mouse
Mandy Richburg to Mbala
Mbili to Mia's Index of Anthro Stories
Miami to Missing Pieces
Mission Furpossible to Mrianti
Mrs. Aku to Natbob
Natch to Nikolas Vulper
Nikoli to Ocicat
Octacats to Overzen
Oviposition to Pearl
Pearl's Pirates to Plush Workshop
Plush and Blood to Psicoyote
Psych to Rafferty
Rafiki to Rayven Wolffe
Rayvenwolfe to Rexx Wolfe
Rexxxon to RockoTheWallaby
Rocko The Wallaby to RusFurrence
Rusco Sparky to Sanctuary (furry house)
Sanctum Of Eventide to Sean Rivercritic
Sean Silva to Shangrila
Shanie to Silber
SilentCoyote to Slagar
Slagar the Cruel to Sophie Cabra
Sophie Gata to Squeakychewtoy
Squee to Stripes tiger
Stripesandteeth to TC
TCBY to Taris Quickpaw
Tarka to TheGamingGrizzly
TheGayHare to The Kennel Club
The Kenny Chronicles to Thedeadhalo
Thedoggygal to TinyMUSH
TinyMuck to Transmutation Now!
Transphinx to UFAcon
UFS to Velociraptor
Velux to WaYa
Waarhorse to Whose Lion is it Anyway
Why, I Otter... to Wolfie Howler
Wolfie Rankin to Yamibliss
Yanazaki to ZeKitty
ZeWolf to 鮎川タウル