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"Al" the Albino Fox to Acru Fox
ActFur On Air to Alex Grey
Alex Hatchett to An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island
An Anthropomorphic Century to Anthropod
Anthropodcast to Art request
Art show to Ayame Emaya
Ayame Eyama to Bat
Bat-eared Fox to Black Gazza
Black Gazza Prison to Boreas
Borelius Argatius to Buster the Amazing Bear
Busty to Captain Woodchuck
Captive of the Red Vixen to Charchar
Chard Malamune to Cimarron
Cinderella 3D to ConFuzzled 2008
ConFuzzled 2009 to Crimson Beast
Crimson Flag to Dae Stephenson
Dael Macro to Dave The Weasel
Dave Wright to Diablo
Diadexxus to Dr. Agon Rawg
Dr. Cat to Dune
Dune (Minnesota) to EmeraldBird
EmeraldWings to Exodite
Exodite Dragon to Farkasember
Farley to Fiona Brown
Fionacat to Fox Tails
Fox Tales Times to Funny animal
Funny animal artist to Furfright 2010
Furfright 2011 to Furry Enforcement Agency
Furry Enterprises to Fursuit Games
Fursuit Head (Song) to Gathering of the Gargoyles
Gathion to Grander Fantasies
Grandma Kage to Hal Witten
HalcyonBear89 to Hiker Yote
Hikitsune to I-Con
I-Con 26 to Invhent
Invincible to James Coyote
James Davis to Jia
Jia Saykea to Jynx Darkwulf
Jynx darkitten to Katbox
Katdraken to Keyla Otter (United States)
Keyoki to Kix Ryder
KixtNorkazz to KuteKittyKatt
Kutz to LeganzaLion
Legend of Kay to List of characters on Funday PawPet Show
List of collective pseudonyms to Lucien Odin Godsline
Lucifer to Madness Manga
MadrNekNek to Mated
Mateo Rojo to Mephit Fur Meet 19
Mephit Fur Meet 2 to Miko Parma
Mikomi to Morning Dragon
Morning Joe to NFU
NFU.CA to Nezumiro Harmonia
NgMUCK to Novacaine
Novafurs to Orlando Fan Archive
Orlando Fan Archives to Patches
Patchouli to Piety
Pig to Pregfur to Rabbette
Rabbi Tom to Rathen
Rather Brilliant Weekend to Renaux
Renaux Felrnn to Robert Hill
Robert Holiday to Ruby (red panda)
Ruby Canine to Salix
Salkafar to Screaming Mummies of the Pharaoh's Tomb II
Screwbald to Shadowfox8588
Shadowfox8588~ to Sibed
Sibeling to Skunkuh
Skunkworks to
Sonariss to Springdragon
Springheel to StrayJim
Stray (novel) to Syzygy
Sïlverulv to Tapestries
Tapestries MUCK to That Purple Fox
Thay Rustback to The InflatioNation
The InflationNation to The fox and the mirror
The frozen oasis to Tina of the South
Tincrash to Transformers: Battle Over Cybertron MUSH
Transformia to UFACon
UFAcon to Velux
Velveteen to Wag!
Wag (person) to WikiFur Central
WikiFur Furry Central to Wolfspirit
Wolfstar to Year of the Fox
Year of the Rat to Zell
Zelox Quo to 鮎川タウル