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"Al" the Albino Fox to Across Thin Ice
Across the Border to Alex (Madagascar)
Alex (Skunk-Hog) to Amy Ninetails
Amy Pronovost to Anthromorphic
Anthronasi to Art archive
Art auction to Axelcat
Axelsson to Basil Ramley
Basil of Baker Street to Bix
Bix707 to BoogMonster
Boogans to Bunny Babes
Bunny Bay to Cantrip the Magic Rabbit
Canus Lupus to Changed
Changes to Chuck Davies
Chuck Diesel to ConClave 32
ConFURence East to Cream the Rabbit
Creamie to DJ Shadsu
DJ Skunkboy to Dasa
DasaDevil to Deviant Ookami
Deviantart to Dorn palor
Dorra to Duckie
Duckman to Elliot The Bunny
Elliott's Fall Festival to EvilCat
EvilPurity to Fanta
FantaTheFox to FinFarenath
FinFur Animus to FoxRonyo
FoxSan to Fuchsia Possum
Fudgy Shep to Furcation to Furry Basketball Association
Furry Bavargroupes to Furseiseki
Fursephone to Gaming Furever
Gaming Guardians to Golden Zoltan
Golden jackal to H. Davidson
H. Kyoht Luterman to Hex
HexPaws to Hyaena
Hybrid to Inkwolf
Inky Blot to Jaggers Pawtucket
Jagget Daggerfang to Jesperf
Jess to Julius Shell
Jumpy to Karn Thunderhoof
Karna Lux to KentFurs
Kento Foxeh to Kitsume Aura Ookami
Kitsumi to Krystal Fox
Krystal Kitsune to LavadomeFive
Lavadome 5 to LiquidOnyx
Lira to Lorenzo Batallones
Lori to MUCK page
MUCK pose to Markaroo
Markius Faulkner to Mel. White
MelSkunk to Midwest Fur Fest 2013
Midwest Furfest to Monica Raquel Meza
Monika Livingstone to My Fursuit's On Fire
My Gym Partner's a Monkey to Neouka
Neox to NorPaws (deviantART)
Nordguard to Only HUMAN
Only in Kenya to Palmer Husky
Palmetto Furs to Pharcide
Pharzebra to PoorWolfy
Pop's Auto Girls to Quest for the Faradawn
Quest of the Therian Urn to Randy Fox (character)
Randy Muledeer to Redwall Wars Wiki
Redwire to Riss
Ristin to Rottenfurs
Rottenraccoon to SabretoothedErmine
Sabretoothed Ermine to Schooling for chus
Schulo to Sgt. Greystoke
Sgt. Kratt to Shoba
ShocK to Skaven
Skaven (species) to Soappuppy
Soatok to Spike Nico
Spike Papp to Stewart the Rat
StickDevil to Sweettart
Swefur to Tallerra Kynareth
Talliy to TerkWolf
Terkwolf to The Furnpike
The Furries Are Here to The Totemlands
The Town of Elmina to TimWeeks
Tim Albee to Toronto Furries
Toronto Furry to TyCat7
Ty Cody Rhine to Vallhund
Vallie Woodget to Vrala
Vreakerz to Whiskeyfoxtrot
Whisky to Wolf MUCK
Wolf Mage to Xsheswaiting
Xsystm47 to Zampacon
Zampacon '12 to ČeSFuR 11
ČeSFuR 2 to 鮎川タウル