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"Al" the Albino Fox to Across Thin Ice
Across the Border to AlexOtter
AlexReynard to Amy Fennell
Amy Lacour-Delacroix to Anthrolations
Anthrology to Art Auction
Art Jam to Axel Razor
Axel Shaikman to Basic Bassist
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth to Bitten (novel)
BitterGrey to Boo and Kye
Boo and Kye (series) to Bunnicula books
Bunnidoll to Canis Lupus Wolf
Canis Rabidus to Chama C. Fox
Chameli to Chrono Otter Coon
Chrono Reaper to Compassrose0425
Complete and utter loser to Crayola
Crayola (artist) to DJ Feanyx
DJ Fenrir to Darsen McPanda
Dart Wuffy to Destroying the Illusion
Destroying the illusion to Doodles (California)
Dook to Drummer Fox
Drummerfox to Elizabeth Dodrill
Elizabeth French to Evan Sullivan
Evana Love to Fandom's Favourite Fursuit Fracas 2010
Fandom Fashions to Fiero
Fievel to Foux
Fouxpaw to FrostyOrca
Frosty Orca to FurbleFox
Furbo to Furry (AnthroChat)
Furry (EsperNet IRC) to Furs4you
FursConnect to Gainesville Furs
Galacticat to God of Clay
Goddammit, Freehaven to Guppy
Guppy1030 to Here Lie Monsters
Here Lie Monsters MUCK to Hunter's Moon: A Story of Foxes
Hunter Bahamut to Inflata-Furs
InflataFur to Jade Menagerie MUCK
Jade Scale to Jennifer Rae Allen
Jennifer Rodriguez to Joyceanna Brock
Joycelyn Dunn to Kappa
Kaput to Ken Pick
Ken Redtail to Kit Cheetah
Kit Drago to Krezz Karavan
Krinn to Las Lindas
Las Lindas Bonus Comics to Linno
Linsey Huish to Longhorn Furs
Longhorn furs to MFM2001
MFM 07 to Maria Lozano
Marian to Megaplex 2015
Megaplex 2016 to MidCentral
MidFur to Modo Tu'
Moekitten to Mushu
MushyMutt to Nekoshiba
Nekotorisha to Noche McLaven
Nocona to Omagadoki Dobutsuen
Omaha to Paco Panda
Pacrat to Pet
Pet Auction to Polar's Fox
PolarLight to Pyro (Vancouver Island)
Pyro (artist) to Raith Aerowing
Raiya to Red Soul
Red Space Blues to Rikter the Cyberdog
Riku Firefox to RooFur
RooFur Fursuits to SPark
SPark (Utah) to Scales4sale
Scales4sales to Serpentes
Serpentine Thylacinus to Shiinsuh Fox
Shiitah to Sinha
Sinha Lion to Snoobierat
Snooper to Sparx Traxx
Spawts to Steinar Eliassen
Steinbeck to Super Nintendo!
Super Sponsor to Takaza J. Wolf
Take Back Our Fandom to Tekno
Tekno Catron to The Deptford Mice
The Depths to The Sandman
The School Mouse to Tiger Nick
Tiger Paw to Tooga: The Story of a Polar Bear
Took to Turnsky
Turrent Wolf to Usagimusume
Usenet to Vixian
Vixie to Werewolf Z
Werewolf calendar to Winnie-the-Pooh
Winnie the Pooh to Xander The Blue
Xander Venterus to Yume
Yume the Red Panda to Zoobilee Zoo
Zooden to 鮎川タウル