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"Al" the Albino Fox to Adam Fischer
Adam Fox to Alexandria Neonakis
Alexei J. Humeniy to Andrew (writer)
Andrew Anteater to Antti "Nimble" Remes
Antti Remes to Asher Heike
Asher Holley to BAWWWWW!
BBF to Bella Coyote
Belle Draco to Blitz Victor Foxtrot
Blitz Wolfang to Brisbane
Brisbane, Australia to Calef
Calex The Neko to Cecil Dragoon
Cecilia Olsson to Chitterbug
Chivalry and Knavery to Cole Cherno
Cole Sutra to Cow
Cow & buffalo to CytoToxic Blade
Cytose Trypsi Runeswallow to Darkfoxx
Darkfoxx Bunyip to Desert Mutt
Desert Storms to Dook (person)
Dook (sound) to Duhamel Corporation
Dukat to Elzorrorojo
Em-Bear-Assed to Exodus Helper
Exoskeleton to Fat Furs Mailing List
Fat Jack to Firesong
FirestormSix to Foxglove
Foxglove Fennec to FurFic
FurFilms List to Furnal Equinox-History
Furnal Equinox/History to Furry Siesta
Furry Site Tracker to Furzi
Furzine to Ghost Eye
Ghost Hokkaido to Groaties
Groatish Mauling to Hazmat Dangerwolf
HcFur to Housepets!
Housepets! Radio to Inali Kealoha
Inali WhiteWolf to Jackal (species)
Jackalope to Jenks (Ontario)
Jenn Kristoff to Jox
JoyBuzzer to Karai Crocuta
Karamu to Kennel club
Kennet Brent to Kitsune Suzzo
Kitsune Valley to Kumiho
Kumo Wolf to Lee Wah
Lee Yang-Il to List of characters in Yosh!
List of characters in i.s.o to Lucky Ringtail
Lucky Wolf to Mahi
Mahiri to Matthew Cable
Matthew Davis to Message board (internet)
Messorius to Mintz Buck
Minun to Mr. Fox
Mr. Furry Fur Fur and His Friendly Earth Friends to Natasha Petrichor
Natasha Softpaw to Nimble Squirrel
Nimbus to Oh Pawpets
Oha to PAWcon
PA Furries to Perry Bible Fellowship
Perry Rhoades to Polar
PolarLight to Python
Q. I. Malloy to Ralph Young
Ralphie Raccoon to Redregon
Redruff to Risasi
Riss to Route9
Rouxx to Sacred Stars MUCK
Sadarius Wolf to ScotiaCon 2016
Scotiacon to Shadow D. Wolf
Shadow D Wolf to Siamese cat
Sian Silverhair to Skwerl
Skwerl Draken to Sonious
Sonitweek to Squibb Squirrel
Squick to StukaFox
Stuka (person) to TPaw Productions
TRANSFUR to Tayari Morowskij
Tayerr to The Black Hand
The Blackblood Alliance to The Penguins of Madagascar
The People's Furry to Tiberius Gravarr
Tiberius Rings to Tom Verré
Tom Ziolkowski to Tumbles the Stair Dragon
Tumbles the Stairdragon to Userboxes
Ushimimi to Voltiel
Volume 1: Peace in the Middle East to What Happens Next
What Happens Next: An Anthology of Sequels to Wolf (movie)
Wolf (species) to Xpandoria MUCK
Xsheswaiting to Zapnut
Zapnut Shakur to 鮎川タウル