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"Al" the Albino Fox to Across Thin Ice
Across the Border to Alex (Skunk-Hog)
Alex (Skunk-Hug) to Amy Pronovost
Amy Rose to Anthronso
Anthronw to Art exchange
Art exchanges to Axle
AxleFusky to Baskhole
Basle Fur Meet to Black
Black-Paw-Productions to Booker
Bookie-Chan to Bunny Mischief
Bunny Rah to Cape Hunting Dog
Cape May Fur Meet to ChaoRA
Chaon to Chucky
Chucky Hyena to ConFurence 10
ConFurence 11 to Creature Comforts (animation)
Creature Comforts (article) to DLorn Fielding
DMFA to Dasker Cicurel
Dason June to Devilwuff
DevilynRave to Dosner
Dosner Brooks to DukeSkunk
Duke Hyena to Elmer de Jesus
Elmer the Safety Elephant to Evo Redbear
Evo T. Rex to Faolan
Faolan (Netherlands) to Final Fantasy XII
Final Sunrise to Fox Art
Fox Azure to Fumetti
FunDay Pawpet Show to Furdance UK
Furdom to Furry Chat & Roleplayer's Haven
Furry Chile to Fursonas
Fursonas (documentary) to Garetta
Garfield to Goliath
Goliath Thunderstep to HTH
HTH Studios to Heyblibber Ringtail
Hg3300 to Hyenamoo
Hyesta to Insert
InsertPenname to JailBirds
Jailbird to Jessica Elwood
Jessica Jazmin Colaneri to Jurann Foxtail
Jurann Kraken to Kasedries
KashaPaw to Kero The Wolf (Korea)
Kero The Wolf (USA) to Kitsunerumai
Kitsunet to Kuddle Pup
Kuddlepup to LazerZero
Lazer Elena to List of B-Daron characters
List of Bunny Suicide episodes to Lost Furest
Lost Furest Creatures to Maah Stronghorn
Mab to Marsha Redfox
Marshall Woods to Melkiah
Melkiah Littlepaw Plasma to MiffTheFox
Miff the Fox to Montenegro
Montoya Walker to Myke Patton
Myknaki to Netolu
Netolu Shadowlin to NorthFur FX & Mascots
NorthFurs to Ookakine
Ookami Kemono to Pandath
Pandeiros to Philippine Anthro Festival 2014
Philippine Anthro Festival 2015 to Pornography (comics)
Porsupah to Quoting mungo
Quoy to RaptorRed
Raptor Red to Regina LaGrone
Regis Blacktail to River.M.Arrow
RiverCoon to RoxieXCore
Roxie rhat to SafeHaven (IRC)
Safehaven to Scooter
Scooter McPhearson to Shadow-san
ShadowCat to Shouk
Show Yer Sheath to Skipai Otter
Skipper to SoftDiamond
SoftPaws to Spirit Raptor
Spirit Silverwind to Stoney
Stoney Beatrix Jones to Sy Sable
Syan to Tamarack
Tamaria to Tesseri
Tessilago to The Furry Web Directory
The Furry Writers' Guild to The Wanderer
The Wandering Wolf to Timeline of Internet coverage
Timeline of The Lion King multiplayer worlds to Tournament of Legends
Touya to Tyler
Tyler Coltraine to Vancouver Area Furs
Vancouver Furry Artists to Vulpvibe
Vulpyra to Whitefire
Whitefire Nomura to Wolfeh
Wolfen to YIM
YIMU to Zarek Amery
Zareth to ケモノ
ナディア to 鮎川タウル