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"Al" the Albino Fox to Acida
Acida Glyuk to AlexFoxKit
AlexOtter to Amsel
Amsterdam to Anthrofiction Network
Anthrofiction Network's Short Story Contest to ArtFu
ArtPiles to Avsun Mascots
Awaken as a Bear to Bartholomew Bear
Bartholomew J. Sutter to Bisclavret (Ironclaw)
Bisclavret (game) to BondoFox Advanced
Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold to Bunners
Bunnicula to Candy Palmer
Candy Skunk Corps to Chakasa
Chakat to Christine Klunder
Christine Marie Reynolds to Common and Precious
Commoner to Crappy
Crappy Doo Shorts to DA
DAN KANEMITSU to Darkness Rain
Darkorange to Derideal
Derilect to Don't Call Me Coach
Don't Hug Cacti to Drenthe Raccoon
DresdenFurs to Electrixocket
ElectroPaw to Eurofurence 1
Eurofurence 10 to FallowBuck
Fallowbuck to Fernando Faria
Fernin to Ford Shepherd
Forde Ambertail to Friti
Fritter to Fur Will Fly
Fur World Order to FurryBrasil
FurryCentral to Furrydrama 2
Furrydumb to GLFC
GM to Glide Maros
GliderPaw to Gryphus
GuNMouTH to Hedgefox
Hedgehog to Howloween 2002
Howloween 2003 to Inanimorph
Inari to Jack Eldar
Jack Furlong to Jeff Wood
Jefferson P. Swycaffer to Joon
Joon Storm to Kaltezar
Kaluna to Kejento
KekPafrany to KinkyTurtle
Kinky Turtle to Korth
Koru Fox to Lady Saturnyn
Lady Serpent to Lightpaws
Like Wolfsoul to Loial Otter
Loial Raven to Lweek
Lyanti Remus Storm to Mangluca
Mango to Meadows MUCK
Mealeandia to Micah Fennec
Micah Iwaasa to Misternivens
MisticFox to Msondo
MtSS to NatiLight
Nati Light to Nilin
Nilla to Oddy Redwing
Oden to Oz
OzFurry to Pedofox
Pedopals to Plushie Mailing List
Plushie Plunger to Publications department
Puc to Raggylug, the Story of a Cottontail Rabbit
Ragnaboy to Razor's Edge
Razor (Finland) to Rezzy
Rezzy Woof to Rocky Mountain FurCon
Rocky Mountain Fur Con to Rust Rat
Rusted Promises to Sandstorrm
Sandusky to Seaweed
Seaweed Otter to Shapeshift
Shapeshifter to Silken Paws
Silkie to Slate Dragon
Slaughter Otter to Sorinkat
Soro to Squirrel
SquirrelHunter17 to Stub
Stubble Trouble to THETA
THE Fox to Taryn Lee Zouryx
Tasakeru to TheRoadieFox
TheShizL to The Life of Guskou Budori
The Lil' Five to There She Is!!
There she is to Tir'ran
Tire to Travis Fox
Travis Valkhar to UKfur2
UP to Venture Bros.
Venu Shade to Waggs
Waggs Wulf to Wielder
Wielder (Georgia) to WolfoxOkamichan
Wolfox Okamichan to Yarrick
Yasashii to Zeeka
Zeekule Reynard to 鮎川タウル