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"Al" the Albino Fox to Acroth
Acru-Fox to Alex Fletcher
Alex Goldenpaw to Anakuro
AnalFisting to Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association
Anthropomorphic Recommended Reading/Viewing List to Arti
Arti Husky to Azeliah
Azeliah Shadowstalk to Bayson
Baz to Blackberry Dragon
Blackblood Alliance to Bowling for Porcupine: It's not easy being furry
Bowman's Wolf to Byzantyn
C-4 to Carmine
Carnival to Charrasias
Charrio to Clarabelle Cow
Clare Bell to Conejo
Coney Dewclaw to Cross Time Café
Cross fox to Dallin Pincock
Dalmatian to Dawson
Dawson P Bear to Dimenianz
Dimitri Torterat to Draganta Starwind
Draggor to E926
E961 to EpochWolf
Epoch Wolf to FA United 2008
FA United 2017 to Felicesta
Felicia to Fleury
Flex to Foxy Malone
Foxy Paws to FurNation Prime
FurNation Reia to
Furpile Radio to Furry Vermin
Furry War to Fustăchio
Futanari to Ghali
Ghandric to Gris
Grisser to Havoc Inc.
Havoc fox to Hot Cider Press
Hot Dish to Imegabyte
Imgran to JJCoolJ
JJ Husk to Jayron
Jayson Husky to Jolie Grant
Jolteon to Kalahari MUCK
Kalak Shepherd to Keirod
Keiron White to Kinked
KinkyTurtle to Kory Dondzilla
Kos to Laika Dosha
Laine Nyah to Lilac the maiasaura
Lildobie to
LoliSwitch to Lynx
Lynx (disambiguation) to Marc Radon
Marc S. Tucker to Meeting Island
Meetoo to Michelle Parker
Michelle Solomon to Mocha
Mocha Mephooki to Muse
Muse Studios to Nekoramon
Nekoshiba to Nocona
Nocte to Omega Red
Omega Silvertip to Painless Black Wolf
Painless Wolf to Petunia Pig
Pewter to Poncho
Ponett to Quarantine
QuasiSkunk to Rand
Randar to Redrusker
Redshift to Ripley Cobble
Ripner to Rotten Fur
Rotten Furs to SabrinaVerse
Sabrina Bear to Sci-fi
Sci-fi and anime fandom gets 'furry' to Shade
Shade-tail to Short Circuit
Short Circut to Skiltare
Skiltek to Softdiamond
Softpaw to Spiritwolf
Spirou to Storm (United States)
Storm Gryphon to Sylia
Sylion to Taneli Gepardi
Tangel to Texywolf
Tfancred to The Great Mouse Detective
The Grizzly King to The Wotch
The Wrath of Con to Timothy Wood
Timothy fox to Transformia
Transfur to UFS 2011
UGA to Venture Bros.
Venu Shade to Waking Galileo
Walden to WikiFur Furry Central/800x600
WikiFur News to Wolfy316
Wolfy (person) to Yerf Historical Archive
Yerf Newsgroups to Zenny
Zenny0004 to 鮎川タウル