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"Al" the Albino Fox to Across Thin Ice
Across the Border to Alex Cross
Alex Culbertson to Anaaki
Anabel to Anthropomorphic Dreams Publishing
Anthropomorphic Enthusiasts Organization to Artemis (Illinois)
Artemis Dragmire to Aysling SliverFox
Ayukawa to Battie
Battle Angel to Black Nell: The Adventures of a Coyote
Black Panther to Borron
Borusa Ryalam to ButtBadger
Buttbadger to Caretaker
Cargo to Charles Champion
Charles Davies to Cirrus
CirrusSkyDragon to Con chair
Con crud to Critter Costuming
Critter Costuming: Making Mascots and Fabricating Fursuits to Dakhun
Dakhun Catameep to David Rabbit
David Reynolds to Diesel T. Dare
Diesel Winter to DracoDarastrix
DracoFur to Dustyyote
Dutch to Encyclopædia Dramatica (.se)
Encyclopædia Dramatica‎ to F3con
F4L to Fay V
Fayd to Fivel
Fixed Furs to Foxmas
Foxo to FurForce
FurForum to Furluminati (term)
Furluminati Fanzine to Furry Music Café
Furry Music Foundation to Further Confusion 2006
Further Confusion 2007 to Gene Armstrong
Gene Breshears to Green Monkey
Green Reaper to Hare
Harebelle to HoneyKing
Honey Badger to Icelyon
Icena to Ithabise
Ithiaca to Jason Gaffney
Jason Gaunt to Joel Kanouse
Joel Vakarian to Kahlua
KahluaFennec to Kazanthi
Kazanthi de-Arluun to Killeroo
Killsa to Kojichan
Koko to LAFF Bowling
LAFF NYE to Lewis Resmond
Lewis Wilmot to Lizspit
Lizz to Lupa
Lupa (Austria) to Malison Magic
Malkith0 to Max Lyon
Max Nighthowl to Mhisani
Mhisani Leo to Misled Strays
Misora Rae to Mr Wolf
Mr Wolf (UK) to Natbob
Natch to Nikoz Blauwkat
Nikuramon to Oden
Odendo to Ozone Colfy
Ozone Griffox to Pelle Svanslös
Pelliccia to Pockets (Delaware)
Pockets (Texas) to Pup
Pup (Florida) to RainFurrest 2008
RainFurrest 2009 to Rebelwolf
Rebirth to Richard F. Chandler
Richard Foley to Roland Ferret
Roland Guiscard to S.A. Wilkinson
S.J. Laitila to Sashi
Sasho Windfeather to Sephren
Sepia to Shep Otterpaw
Shep Shepherd to Simbalion
Simo to Snap E. Tiger
Snap E Tiger to Sparks of Aion
Sparkster to Steam Victorian
Steamcraft to Supameep
Super-Furry to Tailwave
Taint Stirling to Tek-Fox
TekFox to The Den (forum)
The Den (furry house) to The Secret Lives of Flowers
The Secret of NIMH to Tiger of the Wind (Monster Rancher)
Tiger of the Wind (Virginia) to ToonSuits Character Costumes
Toon Pimp to Tuxedokitty
Tvalo to VCL Horrors Wiki
VCL Sieve to Volume 1: Peace in the Middle East
Volume 2: Hajj to Mecca to Wezen
Wf to WizWom
Wizard to
Xenomorph to Zackazi
Zackie to ZuriBonn
Zuri (The Lion Guard) to 鮎川タウル