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"Al" the Albino Fox to Adam D. Moss
Adam Enlow to Alexander Woo
Alexander the Pseudodragon to Andres Chung Jr.
Andres Cyanni Halden to Antonio FlyCat
Antony the Anteater to Ashanti Miller
Ashaya to B3 Mascots
B3 Productions to Belabor
Belabor Horus to Blinded Angel
Blindsight to Brighteyes
Brightfeather to CajunFox Windrunner
Cajun Fox to Causticfox
Cavalier to Chip
ChipUni to Codywife1
CoeurdelaVie to Cotton Taylor
Couch Tour to Cygne
Cylo to Dark Side of the Horse
Dark Terry to Department of Furry Safety
Department of Pawpetry Entertainment to Don46
DonCoon to Druids
DrummerFox to Ellen Natalie
Ellie Dachshi to Evo t rex
Evoc to Farallon Otter
Farejobaldo to FireTiger
FireTyger to
Foxcub to FurBid-SF
FurBook to Furloween 2006
Furloween 2007 to Furry Music Foundation
Furry Mustelids to Furthest North 2009
Furthest North Crew to Gerald Shepardson
Gerardo Rubio to Griffin
Griffin Park Studio to Havik
Havoas to Hot Wing Forgery
Hot and Sweaty Rex to Imro Tiger
Imuhata to Jace Inugami
Jace Zantetsukin to Jefferson P. Swycaffer
Jeffrey to Joseph Miller
Joseph Nebus to Kannakin
Kannos to Ken
Ken Ashcorp to Kitaro Algazi
Kitch to Krystal
Krystal (Star Fox) to LazerZero
Lazer Elena to List of characters in Carpe Diem
List of characters in Circles to Lowtax
Loyalfurs to Madbadger
MadeFurYou to MathueTaxion Theeuwes
MathueTaxion Theewles to Mephit Furmeet 2
Mephit Furmeet 2000 to Milt
Miltonius to Motor Furs
Mottenfest to Nanimoose
Nanook123 to Nightmare the stallion
Nightpaw to Ocean Tigrox
Oceansong to Owlhaven Literary Lounge
Owlhoots to Pelligri
Pelt to Poink
Poink T. Ferret to Pups Gersky
Pups of Liberty to Rainfurrest '07
Rainfurrest 0 to Red Coat Cat
Red Dane to Rigel
Rigel Astutus to Roochak
Roofles to SVelasquez
SWAT Cats to Scarlet Ann Starfox (Starfox)
Scarlet Starfox to Sexo felpudo
Sexual to Shivon
Shizimiru Okami to Skgyae
Skia to Soir-Lilac
Soki to Spore
SporkMUCK to Strange Breed
Strange Den to T
T'Garwhyn Kaisero to Tarantula
Tarantulady to TheRedeemed
TheRoadieFox to The Lion King 3 MUCK
The Lion King Fan-Art Archive to This Land
This Land MUCK to Tobias Köhler
Tobias Moremost to Trisha Wilson
Trishcabob Ratgirl to Ungulatexchange
Unguligrade to Vio
Violet Fornax to Welkin Weasels
Welnis to Windpaw
Winds of Change to Xander (LylatRPG)
Xander Folfsky to ZB
ZEN to Zschamm
Zu to 鮎川タウル