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"Al" the Albino Fox to Across the Border
Acroth to Alex (artist)
Alex A. Fawkes to Amyloup
An American Tail to AnthropoMORPHINE
Anthropod to Art request
Art show to AxxiosGrey
Axxis to Bastek
Bastet to BlackDoggie
BlackEyes to Boomer Express
Boomer The Dog to Burmese Python (person)
Burned Fur to Captain Farrow
Captain Foxx to Character description
Character designer to Cid Silverwing
Ciderfox to ConFurgence
ConFurgence 2014 to Crim
Crim Ferret to Dadward
Dae to Davecko
Davecko Fox to DiVA
DiWolfe to Dr. Courtney "Nuka" Plante
Dr. Dolittle to DungeonPlace FetishCast
Dungeon Grind to EmeraldWings
Emerald (Jewel Vixens) to Exoskeleton
Exotic Exchange to Farsight Dagger
Faruku to Fire and Fur
Fire pyro to Foxaroo
Foxarvid to Fur-Piled
Fur-Xoticon to Furidaho 2012
Furidaho 2013 to Furry Fandom Infocenter
Furry Fandom Lounge to Fursuit Mailing List
Fursuit Olympics to Gatcat
Gatchi to Graemelion
Gran Dragon to Haley Schauble
Half to Hilary
Hilary (artist) to IC
ICWolf to IonOtter
Iorek Byrnison to James Birdsall
James Bruner to Jibba Foxcoon
Jiggly97 to Jäger
Jörg Reuter to Katherine Barber
Katherine Delany to Keyomi Bellambi
Khaiger to Kiwihunter Creations
Kiwine to Kuronoa
Kurrel to Leeron34
Leerrii to List of characters in Last Resort
List of characters in Newshounds to Luca Faulkland
Luca Shoal to Madame Zelda's Zoo of Perversion
Madbadger to Masquerade
Masquerade Island to Mephit Fur Meet 1
Mephit Fur Meet 11 to Mikey Keane
Mikhael Sadovnycha to Morgandy Wooster
Morgoth883 to NC furs
NEKO NO HITO to Nexus Gate
Nexus Jubatus to NovaFoxx
Nova Dimitryi Halvern to Org's Odyssey
Org's Odyssey: A Tale of Post-Human Earth to Pascal Mailhiot
Passion to Pichu90
Pickalock to Praxonomist
Prayer For Danny to Rabbette
Rabbi Tom to Ratha and Thistle-chaser
Ratha series to Rencat
Rendal's Ravings to Robert Johnson
Robert K. Carspecken to Rudy Ferprez
Rudy Minger to Salvatore
Sam to Scruff E. Coyote
Scruff Kerfluff to Shadsu
Shaggy to Siege's Snippets
Siege Voxus to Skye
Skye (Australia) to SonicBlu
SonicBlu Darkfold to Spunky Mutt
Spunky Rakune to Stria Inbiri
Strident Weasel to T.U.F.F. Puppy
T. C. Procyon to Targon
Targon Ghanzir to TheHuskyK9
TheJadedRaven to The Last Unicorn
The Last Wolf to Theosphir
Thera to Tirran
Tirrel to Tredain Doe
Tredain Vincent Doe to Ubuntu Furry Remix
Uchawi to Vermy Fox
Vermy Fox! to Wanderer Werewolf
Wanderer Wolf to Wild-Wolf
Wild-wolf to Wolven (Australia)
Wolven (Blackpool) to to Zenwolf
Zeo to 鮎川タウル