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"Al" the Albino Fox to ActFur on Air
Action to Alex Kovas
Alex Krokus to Anari Otter
Anastasia Korochansckaja to Anthropomorphism
Anthropomorphs to Artie Otter
Artie Prower to Azrial Marburius
Azriel Collins to Beast Wars
Beast Wars: Transformers MUSH to Blackshuck
Blackwell to Brandi Fletcher
Brandon Johnson to C03 Inc
C1PH3R to Cartoon Network
Cartoonimal to Cheese Beagle
Cheesebeagle to Cliff Husky
Clifford Paul Zwahlen to Conifur 2004
Conifur 2005 to Crux
Crux (species) to Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures
Dan and Nite to Deaddog
Deaddog! to Disco
DiscoPanda to Dragoneer
Dragoness to Eat All Furries
Eating Media Lunch to Eric Light
Eric M. Deal to FPSBanana's Furries
FRENETiC to Femm
Femme to Fluffy waddles
Fluffypup to Fred Pattern
Fred Perry to Fur Affinity is back online
Fur After Dark to Furros
Furros de Nuevo León to Furry lifestyle
Furry lifestyler to Fyremane Stonebender
Fyrn to Glamring Shakar
Glass to Guardian (Texas)
Guardian Angel to HellBender
HellCorpCEO to HuggyBear
Hugh Manatee to IndyFurry
Indy (Motor City Furry Con) to JadSMor
Jadar Wolf to Jennifer Hammond
Jennifer Hartman to Jrfur
Jrock Fox to Kardia
Kare Calloy to Kendricks Redtail
Kenji-kitty to Kitoichi Aoiro
Kitora to Krystal can't enjoy her sandwich
Krystal can't enjoy her sandwich" to Lawrence Cotnam Jr.
Lay Off the Furries, OK? to Lisanne Norman
Liska to Lost Lake
Lost lake to Mac O'Damia
Macabail to Martog
Marty to Menagerie Workshop
Menchi Morph to Mike Kelly
Mike Lightfox to MoreFurCon
More Fur Less to N2Kenai
NAF to Nexus of Souls MOO
Nexxus to Nova Zax
Novacaine to Orlando Furry Archive
Orlando Furry Archives to Patrick Jordan
Patrick Raccoon to Pingu
Pingu Penguin to Primal Hardwere
Primal Instinct to Rachel Cawley
Rachel Cooper to Raven Wolf
Raven Wolf (story series) to Restorf DeFerrous
Retirement to Rocket City Fur Meet
Rocket City Fur Meet 2003 to Rupert Bear
Rurik to Sandra Gaeremynck
Sandra Guérette to Sebastian
Sebastian (fursuiter) to Sharpfang
Sharpie to SilverTiger
SilverWing (person) to Slop
Sloth to South Bay FurBQ
South Fur Lands to Stan Sakai
Standards of Conduct to Suhoj VanBloodwolf
Suhuba to Taco Foxy
Taco el Gato to Team Artail
Team Auspie to The Calendar Girls
The Candy Skunk Corps to The Plushie Love Forum
The Pokémorph MUSH to Tica the Sloth
Tickertocker123 to Tom Ziolkowski
Tom and Jerry to Tug
Tugrik to Urthwyse
Urtico Back to Vixen jokes
Vixian to Werewolfe (webmaster)
Werewolves to Wintershade MUCK
Wintersnowolf to Xavos
Xaxoqual to Zabu
Zabu the Sergal to Zsanene Klinkler
Zsanene Stevens to 鮎川タウル