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"Al" the Albino Fox to ActFur On Air
ActFur on Air to Alex Husky
Alex King to Analogues
Analon to Anthropomorphic Society of K-State
Anthropomorphic Taxidermy to Artic
Artic dragoness to Azimuth
Azkai to
Beak to Blackfeather TanFur
Blackfeather Tanfur to Boys Will Be Boys
Brace Bear to C-ACE 2006
C-ACE 2007 to Carolina Furs
Caroline Muchmore to Chase B.
Chase Fowlsbane to Claw MacKain
Claw and Quill to Confurence 3
Confurence 4 to Crow (disambiguation)
Crow (person) to DamionStJames
Damion Pincer to Daymien
Dayna U. to Dingotush
Dingz to DragonFire
DragonIllution to EK Goya
ENAGY CAPO to Equium
Equivamp to FE
FEA to Felitaur
Felix to FloofyFur
Floor Wars to Frank Gembeck
Frank Gembeck, Jr to FurRio
FurSETI to Furreal MUCK
Furreality to Furry Writer's Guild
Furry Writers' Guild to Fuzzer Fox
Fuzzer fox to Giga Fideel
Giga fideel to Growl (person)
Growl Fardel to Heart's Dream
HeartSeer to Houshou Rattengod
Houspets to In a Dog's World
In a Perfect World to Jace Zantetsukin
Jaceb3 to Jeff Eddy
Jeff Ferris to Jorem
Jorinda to Kami Kemono
Kamicheetah to Kemo-search
KemoSearch to Kiroja Fluffy
Kiroki to Krahnos
Kraken D'Orca to Lapushka
Larathen to LinkWolf
Link Wolf to Longfang Wolf
Longhorn Furs to MFM 11
MFM 12 to Mario A. Romero
Mario D'Anna, Jr. to Megaplex X
Megaplex XI to MidwestCougar
Midwest Cougar to Monfur
Mongoose to My Adult Little Pony
My Cage to Nephil
Nephilim to NordicFuzzCon 2018
Nordic Furdance to Onyx Orion
Onyx Snowfoot to Pandora Comics
Pandora Lee to Phobos
Phobos Gekko to Portrait (Furcadia)
Portuguese WikiFur to R. C. Powell
R3n Yiff to Rascal Polymorph
Rascal Templeton to Reizo
Reizo Takahashi to Road Runner (story)
Roadkill Hyena to Rrroofus
Rruffurr to Sakiimi
Sakkano Imako to Scout
Scpkid to Shadowfox (person)
Shadowgoddess to Siberian Husky
Siberian husky to Skwerl Draken
Skwerlbeast to Song and Dance
Songdog to Spunky Mutt
Spunky Rakune to Striker (mascot)
Striker King Cheetah to TBFM
TBND to Tarot
Tarpaw Furmeet to TheWerewolf
The 10 Pack to The Lion King Fan Art Archive
The Lion King Fanart Archive to Third Coast Rubber Stamps
Third Stone Stamps to Toast the Rabbit
Toasted to Trick
Trick Mason to Uncle Buck
Uncle Kage to Vikie Foxfang
Vikki Fox to Wayco
Wayd Wolf to Wildlifers
Wildplanet to Woyro
Woyro's Warren to
Yimu3D to Zimmy Cookie
Zimwolf to 鮎川タウル