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"Al" the Albino Fox to Adam's Mark
Adam's Mark Hotel to Alexander Amadeus Grey
Alexander Ashworth to Andorozon
Andrac Shatrik to Anti-Were and Furry Resource
Anti-fur to Artshow
Artslave to Azzai
Azzarox the Bat to Beaver and Steve
Beavotron to Blastgoggles
Blathering Bear to Brenda DiAntonis
Brendan McCann to CPFM
CPrebble to CatWarrior
Cat (RPG) to Chia The Wildcat
Chia the Wildcat to Clutchwolf
Clydesdale to Cool Furries
Cool kovu to Cupcakes
Cupid to Dannyblue91
Danskunk to Defurét
Defus to Doberman
Doberman Pinscher to Drask Terleir
Drasune to Ef prime
Efenrai to Estrous cycle
Estrus to Failarhya
Failure Katsu to Feralfox
Feralise to Ford Shepherd
Forde Ambertail to Frnkzk
Frobbing to Furaiya
Furaleigh to FurrySpace
FurrySpaceMUCK to Furs That Cook
Furs Unleashed! to Garetta
Garfield to Gone Wylde
Good Cheese to Haelcent
Haemish to Higgs
Higgs Raccoon to Hypr
Hyptosis to Iomar
IonOtter to James Oliver Curwood
James Price to Jim Mogle
Jim Pigtain to K9 Corps
KAF to Katt (furry fan)
Katt Diaz to Kiba Swiftpaw
Kiba Youkai to Koba Foxx
Kobe to Kyrio
Kyroo to Lesang
Lesbian to Lizardmen
Lizaruk to Lupa (Austria)
Lupercal to Malton
Maltray Fox to Maxwolf Goodliffe
Maxx to MiO Watering Hole
Mia's Index of Anthro' Stories to Mistletoe
Mistletoe: One Year in the Life of a Gray Squirrel to Mudpie
Muf to NeapolitanHusky
Neapolitan Coyote to NiteWolf
Nite Skunk to Oklacon 2008
Oklacon 2009 to PSA
PSF to Pet
Pet Auction to Polar Bears
Polar Bears Cafe to QT Bunny
Qa'a Kebauet to Ralph E. Hayes, Jr.
Ralph Hayes, Jr. to
Redlouts to Rinzy
Rinzyl to Rossweisse
Roswell Langley to Sabre Vulpine
Sabre tooth cat to Sci-fi and anime fandom gets 'furry' to Shade DaWolf
Shade Foxfire to Shortwave P Husky
Shortwave da Husky to Skippyfox
Skitch to Solion
Solis Astral to Spottacus
Spottacus Cheetah to Stranger Danger
Strata XI to Syzygy
Sïlverulv to Tarakan
Tarakan Alopex to TheGayHare
TheGreatHamster to The Legion of the Headless Unicorn
The Lengths to Therians
Therianthrope to Tj Folf
Tj wolf to Trevor McAndrews
Trevor Patrick to Umgotts Destroy
Umgotts Studios to Victoriafurs
Vida Astral to Waya Lockhart
Wayah to Wile E. Coyote
Wilford B. Wolf to Wrongside: Beginning
Wrongside Fox to YoliCat
Yonder to Zobeid
ZodiaCon to 鮎川タウル