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"Al" the Albino Fox to Adam
Adam's Mark to Alexander
Alexander (Australia) to Andoronzon
Andorozon to Anti-furries
Anti-furry to Artslave
Artspots to Azzai
Azzarox the Bat to Beaver Soup
Beaver and Steve to Blaster Hedgie
Blastgoggles to Brendan McCann
Brendan Roo to CPrebble
CSI to CatWarrior
Cat (RPG) to Chia, The Wildcat
Chia The Wildcat to Clubfur
Clutch to CoolBear
CoolSilver to Cuore Voodoo
CupcakeCreature to Danny Elliott
Danny Lauderdale to Defilerwyrm
Define "Cynical" to Dober-Man
Dober-Man (Burcham) to Drasune
Drasune Planer to Efenrai
Effsey Nelson to Eta Chemistry
Eternal to Fairlight
Fairly Lush to Feren
Fergal to Forest Spirit
Forest Tales to Frog
Frogela to Furball2k
Furball (Germany) to
FurryVeg to Furs in Space
Furs in uni to Garinovitch Raviprakash
Garish to Goons
Gophers to Hagen Har Khazume
Haggis to High Tail Hall 2.0
Higher Than The Stars to I'm Furry
I'm Not A Freak to Iori nishi
Ipequey to James Redison DVJ Vertical
James Roberts to Jimfoxyboy
JimmyTalon to KAS
KATMANDU to Kattiana
Kattything to Kiboe Motegi
Kibs to Kobi
Kobi LaCroix to Kyroraz
Kyrro to Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits
Let's Walk Straight to Lizspit
Lizz to Lupercaleb Walcher
Lupercus to Maly Meantails
Maly Twotails to Maxy
MayFurr to Micah Sheehan
Micah Weil to Mitch (webmaster)
Mitch Beiro to Mullein Fields
Multibreast to Neelix
Neerren to Nitrogen the Cat
Nitroshep to Oldrabbit
Olefin to Pacer
PacerFox to Peter Is the Wolf
Peter J. Kappesser to Polfurs to Quad suit
Quaddie to Ramonmaster The Wolf
Ramsay Baggins to RedrumWolf
Redrumwolf to Ripley Cobble
Ripner Bunnyhug to Rottenraccoon
Rottweiler to Sabrina Online/Wikipedia edit history
Sabrina Online: The Story to Science Fiction
Science Friction to Shadlep
ShadoWolf800 to Show Yer Sheath
Shrag to Skookumwolf
Skorn to Solus
Soma to Spotter
Spotty to Strawberry wolf girl
Strawberrykit to T-Rex
T-rex to Taras
Tarathene Spellborn to TheOptimus56
TheOrangeFox to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (movie)
The Lion King to Therin Mephit Yoshiro
Therin Yoshiro to Tmdrake
TnFur to Tri-State Furries
TriForce MUCK to Unbirth
Unbirthing to Viethra
Vifur to We're Working Anthrocon
We're Working Anthrocon. to Will N. Dorf
Will Ruzicka to WulfSige
Wulfer to Yoshiboy1
Yoshimaster96 to ZoharSkarth
Zohar Skarth to 鮎川タウル