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"Al" the Albino Fox to Adam
Adam's Mark to Alexander
Alexander (Australia) to Andor
Andor Chazar to Anthroview
Anti-Furries to Artists alley
Artists beware to Azure Paragon
Azure coyote to Beauty
Beauty and the Beast (TV show) to BlankHare
Blanko to Breed of Giants
Breeder to CG artist
CH-on to Castle Horsetooth
Castle Xy-Gel to Chester ringtail
Chestnut Husky to Clouded leopard
Cloudpouncer to Convention chairman
Convention charity to Cubstatik
Cubsy to Daniel Necros
Daniel Renard to Decktet
Dee to Dmuth
Dnapalmhead to Drake Wingfire
Drake dragon to Eddie Bear
Eddie Gator to Erotic
Erotic Labs MUCK to FWO
FXA to Fera
Fera (Werewolf: the Apocalypse) to Folfed
Folfed! to Frenzee
Fresh & Dope to Fur Tag
Fur The 'More 2013 to FurryCon
FurryCon (New York) to Furrynet
Furrypedia to Gainesville Furs
Galacticat to GohDroxen
Gojita to Gutierrez
Gutter to Herpy: Reptile Lovers' Community
Herpy (website) to Hwei Chow
Hy00man to Insects
Insert to Jake-thesnake
Jake (United States) to Jet
Jet Dingo to Justin P. Reese
Justin Paul Reese to Katanimate
Katarina to Keyla Otter (United States)
Keyoki to Kiyo Redflux
Kiyona to KyFurs
Kyantol to LemonadeCoyote
Lemonade Coyote to List of upcoming comics/archive-2009
List of webcomics that reference furry to Lukaryo
Luke to Majira Coyote
Majira Strawberry to Matthew Peters
Matthew Swauger to Messy Furs
Mestopho to Minor undertake
Minotaur to Moyomongoose
Mozart to Narnia MUCK
Naros to Nikas
Nike to Octan
Octavia Wolf to OzFurry
OzFurry (mailing list) to Pelican (person)
Pelle Svanslös to PodCastigation
Podcast to Puppers
Puppet to Rain Rat
Rain Silves to Red0991
RedCoatCat to Ricket
Ricky to Romance in the Savannah MUCK
Romano Eberwein to SGT Kratt
SHAPE to Savoy
Savrin to Serinthia Kelberry
Sero to Shiitah
Shiki Shigls to Sir Keva Stonemane, Lord of The Highdawn
Siri Vadican McDonough to Snowpony
Snowpuff to Spider
Spider-Ham to Stevie Maxwell
Steviewolf to Swift (Oregon)
Swift Fox to Talon
Talon Garinger to TerrinWhitefox
Terrin Whitefox to The Furry Sociological Survey
The Furry Song to The Walt Disney Company
The Wanderer to Timeline of conventions by attendance
Timeline of fiction coverage to Tracey Rose
Traci Vermeesch to Tyroo
Tyroon Blackfire to Vector (France)
Vector (FurryMUCK) to Wad Stimptence
Wad Terrence Stimptence to WikiFur Central
WikiFur Furry Central to Wolfus Husky
Wolfwere to Yerf (art archive)
Yerf (newsgroup) to Zephrey Hughes
Zephyer Kyuukaze to 鮎川タウル