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"Al" the Albino Fox to Acid Tiger
Acid Wolf to Aless The Tiger
Alessandro Bruno to Amras
Amras Sirfalas to Anthrodreams
Anthrofest to ArseMaus
Arsen to
Aviary Attorney to Barr Wars
Barra to Biohazard
Biozz to Bolt the Wolfdog
Bomb to Bundadingy
BundyFur Meet to Canadianfurs
Cancer to Chacall Negro
Chad Blackwell to Christian furs
Christian furs(forums) to Comicfurs
Comicon to Cpt. Morrigan
Cra-Z to D-snakes
D.B. LaGhost to Darkfoxx Bunyip
Darkfur93 to Denton
Denver Westword to Dolinmyster
Dolmuth to Dreamfinder
Dreaming to El Ranno
Ela Barton Waltz to Ether Ravner
Etheras to Fairseas
Fairview High to Feral (comic)
Feral (term) to Fool's Moon: Legacy
Fool Moon to FreyFox
Freya Fox to Fur Reality 2014
Fur Reality 2015 to
Furry.FM to Furry party
Furry peace to Füchsin
FürMedia to Gitani Kenome
Giulia Tiaret to Grygon
Gryllus to Heat of the Night
Heat on the Serengeti to Housepets!
Housepets! Radio to InFurNation
InFurNation! to J C
J Skunk to Jeanette Hansen
Jeani to Jon RedFox
Jon Sleeper to Kal Torathen
Kal dingo to Kefen
Keglunek to Kina
Kinah to Kooky bandit
Kookyfox to Lacebunny
Laced! to Liero
Lierofox to Lobo, Rag and Vixen
Lobo, the King of Currumpaw to LupineAssassin
LupineFox to Malorne
Malovolpe to Max Lyon
Max Nighthowl to Mew
MewBamaisin to Miral Dvj Admiral
Miranda Gusek to Mozee
Mozee Otter to Naq Ryba
Nara to Nightfox
Nightfur to OMGWTF! Furries II
OMGWTF! Furries II: The Wrath of Con to Ottertunes Radio Network
Ottik to Paw off
Paw pad to Plan Nine Publishing
PlanetFurry to Procyon Loki
Prodigal Angel to RadMoose
Radar to Ravenhoof
Ravenhowl to Reptilian
Requiem to Roch Silverfang
Rochndil to Rukai Alenimu
Rukario to Sam Toxx
Sam and Max to Scruffy R. Wolf
Scruffy the Moose to Shadows In Snow
Shadows in Snow to Siberian Huskies
Siberian Husky to Skunktaur (chakat-kin)
Skunkuh to Somniferous
Somniloquy to Spotty-Servine
SpottyJaguar to Straitfox
Straker Skunk to Syntaxx
Synth to Tanith
Tanj's Tales to Tfancred
Tfosgnc to The Golden Tether
The Golden Week to The Wild MUCK
The Wild Wulfs of London to Timeline of furry conventions
Timeline of furry web hosts, galleries and forums to Towyn Coyote
Toxic Bunny to Tyler Gordon
Tyler Terrill to Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island Fur to Vulpine Imperium
Vulpine Pilot to WhiteWizard
WhiteWolf to Wolf Valley
Wolf Xchange to Xun
XyLII to Zampacon 2013
Zampacon 2014 to ČeSFuR 2013
ČeSFuR 2016 to 鮎川タウル