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"Al" the Albino Fox to Acus
Acyd to Alex Hatchett
Alex Husky to Anastasia Korochansckaja
Anastasia Smith to Anthropomorphic character
Anthropomorphic taxidermy to Articuno
Articuno Seagull to
Azfurs (IRC) to Bayson
Baz to Blackdrake
Blackduckling to Bounder Fox
Bounder J. Fox to
Byftpup to Caribou
Caribou (person) to Charles Melville
Charles Nezzer to CityMutt Fursuits
City Of Unity to Concolor
Concolor (Clint McInnes) to Cross-Beta
Cross-Time Cafe to Dallin Pincock
Dalmatian to Daxter (game)
Daxter Dingo to Dingofox
Dingoroo to DragonBartek
DragonFan Hooper to EZwolf
Eagle to Ere
Eren Baykal to FFFF 2011
FFFF 2012 to Felix Daimian
Felix Katz to FloofIRC
Floof (event) to Frank Gembeck, Jr.
Frank Gembeck Jr to FurSampa
FurScience to Furrabian Night
Furrabian Nights to Furry Unlocked
Furry Variety Show to Furverts (art archive)
Furverts (book) to Georgey Horsey
Georgey Horsie to Greyson
Greyson Tiger to Haski Wolf
Hatchday to Horses' Ghost
Horsetaur to Illys
Ilobmirt to JAI Q
JAMO to Jay W. Kennedy
Jay Wolf to JoliJacques
Jolie to Kal Dingo
Kal Torathen to Keith Alan Johnson
Keith Nightclaw to Kinred fox
Kinsentoh to Kotel
Koten to Lanakila
Lance to Lily Feldspar
Lily Fox to LoneTiger
LoneWlf15 to MBR
MBlade to Marcus Blue Wolf
Marcus Lywood to Megaplex 2013
Megaplex 2014 to MidFur (United Kingdom)
MidFurs to Mohatu
Mohatu (The Lion King MUCK) to Mutant: Undergångens arvtagare
Mutisija to Neo Genesis
Neo PanTyger to Noname cub
Nonanthro to Oni Press
Onionwolf to Palm Beach County Furries
PalmarianFire to PharZebra
Phar Whitewater to Poppy Wusky
Poppy and Rye to Quincy the Raccoon
Quinn Dragonheart to Raptor Red (artist)
Raptor Red (fursuiter) to Rei Vegan
Reian to Ro (furry artist)
RoaVaFurs to Rruffurr
Rthur to Salar the Salmon
Saldura to Scratching Post
Scream Guy to Shadowsani
Shadowspawn to Siege
Siege's Snippets to Skye Cirrus
Skye Eventail to Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comic)
Sonic the Hedgehog (character) to Squad Redpaws
SquareMoogle to Stuart McNabb
Stuart Moore to TLK
TLK2 Muck to Taurath
Tauren to The Anthroness characters
The Anthropomorphic Index to The Mouse Butcher
The Mouse Problem to Threyon Plasma
Thriller to Tokala (United States)
Tokala Fox to Trump
Trun to Unknown Wolf
Unleash your inner sexual beast to Vision Entertainment Group
Vision Press to Wemic
Wendall and Al to Wilza Sycorax
Win to Xan Bunny
Xanadia to Yumchat
Yume to Zoology (comic)
Zoomorphic to 鮎川タウル