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"Al" the Albino Fox to Adam Fullerton
Adam Moss to Alexander (Australia)
Alexander Amadeus Grey to AndrewNeo
Andrew "KT" Mutchler to Antisora
Antler to Ash
Ash-Fox to B.J.
B.J. Buttons to Beekin (person)
Beerhorse to Blekarotva
BlessedWolf to Brex
Brian to Cackle
Cacomistle to Cat Watson
Cat days to Chibiyima
Chicago Lollie to Cobalt Husky
Cobalt Lavernius to Corgii
Cornbread Wolf to Cyan Mizugami
Cyan The Furry to Dark Fox
Dark Horse Comics to Denso
Denso the German Shepherd to Don't need anatomy, it's my style
Don't need anatomy, it's my style! to Drummer Fox
Drummerfox to Elliott's Winter Carnival
Ellipsis to Excuse Me for Being a Dog!
Exdra to Fargo
Fargo Divine to Fire Bringer
Fire Dragon to Foxcub
Foxcub Radio to FurCon to Furlandia 2014
Furlandia 2015 to Furry Forum (discussion board)
Furry Forum Mailing List to Fursuit Workshop
Fursuit Wrangler to Gateway MUCK
Gathering of the Gargoyles to GrayWolf (Illinois)
GrayWolf (Netherlands) to Hannah Spute
Hannah Taylor to Hollyann
Hologram to Icelyon
Icena to Itty Bitty Fur Con 2018
Itty Bitty Fur Con 2019 to Jasper Bear
Jasper Dragon to John Parenteau
John Pennington III to Kaiya Softpaw
Kaj to Keikosweetluv
Keio to Kimiko
Kimmerz Greywolf to Kora
Koray BunnyCatalyst to Laika Dosha
Laine Nyah to Lilly
Lilly (artist) to LoneWlf15
LoneWlf 15 to MFF 2000
MFF 2001 to Marie Burcham
Marie Claire to MehndiX
Mehndi X to Midwest Furfest 2006
Midwest Furfest 2007 to Monsieur Pingouin
MonsteRoo to Mynarski Forest
Mynosylexia to NewEinstein
New Coyote to Not Big and Not Clever
Not Dan to Original Life
Original character to Patch O'Furr
Patch Otter to Pilot (Werewolf)
Pine Fur Con to Prince Karo
Prince Vaxis to Radio Free Housepets!
Radio Furries to Raynee Panda
RayvenWolffe to Rhedyn
Rheoryn to Roger (Siamese cat)
Roger A. Fox to Ryan Wolf
Ryanide to Sarah Miller
Sarah Sawyer to Sema JayHawk
Sema Jayhawk to Sheppy
Sheppy Milo to Simba Wion
Simbalion to Snep
SngglBny to Spaz Jackrabbit
Spaz Kitty to Stereotype
Stereotypes to Swampy
Swan to Tally
TallyFurs to Tess Garman
Tess The Red Pony to The Gaytah
The Geek Hierarchy to The Wulf Archives
The Wunder War to TinyPlot
TinySex to Tredain Vincent Doe
Tredanse to Ukrainian WikiFur
Ulara to Victor Whitepaw
Victor Wren to Watergazer
Watership Down to Wildside Comix
Wildspotworks to WulfSige
Wulfer to You Don't Believe
You Otta Be In Pictures to ZombieCat
Zombie (term) to 鮎川タウル