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"Al" the Albino Fox to Adam
Adam's Mark to Alex Sturtz
Alex Vance to Anders
Andes Wolf to Anthroverse
Anthroview to Artists Alley
Artists Beware to Azure Coyote Studios
Azure Doragon to Beatrix Farmer
Beatriz Overseer to Blake
Blake! to Breaking The Ice
Breaking the Ice to CF8
CF9 to Cassie Canady
Cassie Collins to Chert
Cherushi to Closing Ceremonies
Closing ceremonies to Convention Chair
Convention Chairman to Cubbi (person)
Cubcentral to Daniel S. Keller
Daniel Sidney to Dee (Blue Forest)
Deecat to Dmuth
Dnapalmhead to Drake Wingfire
Drake dragon to Eddie Gator
Eddy Dobhran to Erna Auvray
Ernest Thompson Seton to F Squared
Fa to Feral! 1998
Feral! 1999 to Folwilliar
Foo to Frindle
Frisbee to Fur affinity
Fur and Loathing to
FurryFoxCoon to Furrypinos
Furryplay to Gaia
GaiaOnline to Gofur
Gogledd to Gusty Fox
Guti to Herpy (website)
Herpy Image Archive to Hy00man
Hyaena to Insects
Insert to Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Jak the Wuffle to Jessie Tracer
Jesslyra to Justin Moore
Justin P. Reese to Katalina
Katanimate to KeyAffinity
Keyla to Kiwihunter Creations
Kiwine to Kutz
Kutztown Dragon to Legend of the Lion King
Legends -N- Fables to List of conventions by theme
List of episodes in There she is!! to Lucy Black
Lucy Black (Badly Drawn Kitties) to Mahiri
Maho to Matt Robinson
Matt Sheridan to Merchandise Maven to Mine Fire Fur Meet
Mineau to MouseHouse
Mouse Guard to Naonao Wanko
Naore to Nightline
Nightmare to Obonic
Obscene Octopus to Over The Hedge (comic)
Over The Hedge (film) to Pearl's Promise
Pearls Before Swine to Plushies and Furries
Plushlover to Pulsifer
Puma to Raika Castillo
Raikenji to Reason for pawz
Reaux to Richard Bartrop
Richard Chandler to Roland Guiscard
Roland Jovaik to S.M. Wolf
S.O.S. to Sasuga
Sasuke Hachino to Seraphim Moonshadow
Seraphimmoonshadow to Sherwood MUCK
Sheryl Mount to Sinaherib
SinaiMUCK to Snokami
Snoobierat to SpazzticGlitch
Spazzy to Stepwolf
Stereo to Suto
Suxxen to Tales of Beatrix
Tales of Beatrix Farmer to Tenkri
Tenma Urufu to The Fur Pile
The Furcyclopedia Transformica to The Transformation Story Archive
The Trap Line to Tim O'Rourke
Tim Portillo to TotemChakra
Totem Lands to Tyler Foxgood
Tyler Gordon to Vanilla Club
Vanilla Coke to WFA
WFortier to Who are the furries?
Who are you people to Wolfie Urofu
Wolfie urofu to Yargo
Yargo Platz to Zeiro
Zeiros to 鮎川タウル