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"Al" the Albino Fox to Acroth
Acru-Fox to Alex Fletcher
Alex Goldenpaw to Anakuro
AnalFisting to Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association
Anthropomorphic Recommended Reading/Viewing List to Arthur Husky
Arti to Azalea van Thunderwaffle
Azao to Bay Area
Bay Area Fur to Black Wolf (Louisiana)
Black Wolf (UK) to Bouncer the Chipmunk
Bound to be Friends to By The Tail
By the Saints to Carl Dana
Carl Fox to Charlie Strap and Froggy Ball
Charlie Strap and Froggy Ball Flying High to Civeret
Civet to Conclave
Concolor to Crocodiles
Crona Firelight to Dale (person)
Dale Dalmatian to David Walker
David Whamond to Digital Bingyi
Digital Fennec to Draconics Design
Draconicus to Dwight J. Dutton
Dwolv to Entei-rah Brekaythi
Entertainment News to FAF
FAFF to Feathermutt to FlannelDragon
Flapjack to Foxx (furry artist)
Foxxel to FurIdaho 2012
FurIdaho 2013 to Furnarchy
Furnation to Furry Renaissance
Furry Retreat to
Furtual Horizons to George Selden
Georgey Horsey to Grey Nolder
Grey Wolf to Harunaka Kimura
Harusuke to Hopster's Tracks
Horatio to Iisaw
Iithra to J'adoube
J'wyl to Jax Fox
Jax Rabbit to John Cosgriff
John D. Pennington III to Kaili
Kailindrea to Keenora
KeenyFox to Kimiko
Kimmerz Greywolf to Kooky
Kooky! to Lacey Brannen
Lacheeta to Life goes on
Life in Furry Hell to Lockley
Loco to Lutrai Isles
Lutrina Lontra to Mangi
Mangluca to Mearú DreamSong
Meat And Fire to Michael Flynn
Michael Furia to Mithryanna
Mito to Mundanes
Mundie to Necco and the Loup
Neco Kat to NiteMyste
NiteWolf to Oki Doki Coyote
Okidoki to PITA
PJ Skunk to PerroMutt
Perro (artist) to Pokémon Fusion
Pokémon Neo MUCK to Puss in Boots (fairytale)
Pussyco to Rainstar
Rainstar9805 to Red Orange
Red Panda to Rika-Chan
Rika Silverpaw to RooCat
RooChi Lexico to SR Foxley
SSDD to ScandinAviary
Scandinaviary to Seth Kangaruu Gyoten
Seth Rayburd to Shinobu
Shinobu PandaFox to Sissyfurs
Sister Sunshine to Snowpaw (wolf)
Snowpocalypse to Spex Wulf
SpheresMUX to Steve Simmons
Steve Stadnicki to Swashbuckled
SweFur to Talija
Talilly to Teresa
Tereus to The Furkindred
The Furkindred: A Shared World to The Transformation Story Archive
The Trap Line to Tim Gadd
Tim Johnson to Torva
Torwin to Tyger St.Kuan
Tygermoon Foxx to VancouFur 2015
VancouFur 2016 to Vulpinepilot
Vulpines to White Tandino
White Wizard to Wolfe Masters
Wolfe Thane to YIMU MUCK
YIMU Muck to Zarkayrin
Zarla to 鮎川タウル