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"Al" the Albino Fox to Across Thin Ice
Across the Border to Alex A. Fawkes
Alex A Fawkes to AmyFoxx
Amy Fennell to Anthromorphic
Anthronasi to Art archive
Art auction to Axiom
Axiom (person) to Basil of Praed Street
Basil the Great Mouse Detective to Bitzer Dingo
Bix to Boogans
Boogi to Bunnylace
Bunnyman to Canyon Diablo
Cap to Changespell
Changespell Legacy to Chuck Davies
Chuck Diesel to ConFurence 10
ConFurence 11 to CreatureS
CreatureSystem to DJ Rodney
DJ Rory to Darthen Wulf
Darthenwulf to Deviant Art
Deviant Coyote to Dork Tower
Dorn to Duck
DuckTales to Ellen Natalie
Ellie Blue to Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me
Everything The Light Touches to Fangcon 2013
Fangcon 2014 to Filipinofurries
Filk to FoxArvid
FoxB to Frozen Oasis
Frozen Oasis Xmas to Furcadia
Furcadia (software) to Furry Army of Doom
Furry Art to Fursace
Fursaffis to Gans
Gao Ryu Polaris to Golden week
Goldenrod to Gynxfevver
Gypsy to Herpy Image Archive
Herpy Reference Archive to Huskyteer
Huttser to Inkii
Inkspots to Jagger
Jaggers to Jes'ad
Jes'ad Bellic to Julian Wilbury
Juliana "Foxy" Fennec to Karl "Xydexx" Jorgensen
Karl F. Meyers to Kenneth Trayling
KennoFox to Kitsumi
Kitsune to Krystin Lobo
Krystina Starks to Lawrence Cotnam Jr.
Lay Off the Furries, OK? to Liska
Lismore to Lorraine Seleven Lin
Losing My Religion to MUX
MU Press to Marlene Otter
Marlene the Otter to Melbourne Furs
Melchar to Midwest Furfest 2007
Midwest Furfest 2008 to Monoth
Monsieur Le Eh to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
My Little Pony: Roleplaying is Magic to Neshiu
Ness to NorfolkFox
Norfolk Fox to Onyx Orion
Onyx Snowfoot to Panda (person)
Panda Jenn to Phil Phoglio
Philadeldog to Poprock grey
Popufur to Quick Draw McGraw
Quicksilver to Randy the Potato Fox
Ranek to Redwall Wars Wiki
Redwire to Ripner Cabbit
Rippy van Winkle to Ross the Box-Faced Fox
Rossweisse to Saberwolf
Sabian to Schecter Wolf
Scheindorf Herljos to Sewing-critters
Sex to ShiroElex
Shiro (Denmark) to Sixes Wild: Manifest Destiny
Sixpaw to SoCalFurs
SoCal FurBQ to Spiffy
Spike to Steven Stadnicki
Steven Swanson to Sweet Nuthins
Sweet Peep to Tales of the Tai Pan Universe
TaliVisions to Tensai Nezumi
Tenshi to The Foxbusters
The Foxes of Firstdark to The TNSC Community
The Tai-Pan Project to
TigressStar to Tora
Tora Kiyoshi to Twisted Kingdoms
Twisted Quartz to Vailwolf
Valcyrie to VoreGotten Realm MUCK
VoreGotten Realms MUCK to What The Fur 2015
What The Fur 2016 to WolfNymph
WolfPark to Xial
XianJaguar to ZakRhino
ZakRhyno to Zytx
Zyzxx to 鮎川タウル