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Sparx on a soundboard. Art by Truffles Tiger.

Christine Dawson (born January 1, 1996) or formerly known as Sparx Traxx, is a fursuiter entertainer and disk Jockey raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Christine currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.[1]

In the fandom, Christine is notable for her Siberian Husky character "Sparx" , music production, DJ performances, room parties, and lighting design.


Sparx in fursuit.

Christine started fursuiting in early May 2012. She received her first partial fursuit of Sparx from a maker in El Paso, Texas who goes by Truffles Tiger. During late 2014 the partial was maliciously destroyed.

In 2015, Christine commissioned an updated version of a Sparx partial from Lazy Lion Creations.

Christine attends events such as raves, anime conventions, furry conventions, and meet-up gatherings in her partial. She has been seen at Texas Furry Fiesta, Midwest Furfest Anthrocon, Rocky Mountain Fur Con, Arizona Fur Con, and other conventions in the United States.


Sparx can be seen wearing an electric blue zip-up jacket, black ripped skinny jeans, and an Electric brand hat on one of her ears.

In other instances, Sparx can be seen wearing dresses, skirts, and a beanie of random color on her head.

The current partial has piercings such as chrome lip-rings and white "tunnel" gauges in both outer ears. She also wears a black leather choker collar which has a hollowed out metal lightning bolt around the ring.


When in fursuit, Sparx takes on the character of a curious but edgy teenager who just likes to have fun and meet other people who are into the same things she is! Sparx enjoys all of the fundamental things an anthropomorphic dog would enjoy doing such as but not limited to: partying with friends, listening to loud music, doing things she probably should be, getting into trouble, barking, ect..

Professional Career[edit]

Before Christine took an interest in the fandom in 2008, she got deeply involved in the local theatre department in Texas, where she would operate the sound and lighting console for various live performance shows.

When she wasn’t working in the theater, she provided master of ceremonies/disk jockey services for various functions such as underground raves, weddings, school functions, pep-rallies, Corporate Events, Social Events, and major announcements.

In 2010, Christine played the electric keyboard for bands that she toured with. “If We Were Turtles”, a math-rock and experimental jazz band & “Endeavor”, a grunge-punk “screamo” band. While in these bands, she also ran live sound mixing and later on helped in the recording of demos.

After both bands separated in 2012, Christine got involved with the nightclub industry and started playing live sets at Club Envy, Club 1o1, and at various un-noted Adult entertainment clubs.

Christine, sometimes under her stage name “Sparx”, had residency at lounges such as “The Percolator”, ”Sumatra”. Events such as Pridefest, and when prompted; non-exclusive underground dive bars.

In 2013, Christine opened up her own lighting and audio business named “Hesk Entertainment” and catered to local clients, providing services such as lighting, video, audio, music, and graphic conceptual design.

Audio Visual[edit]

Christine participates in the AV team for various conventions/venues. Some of her involvement has been seen at Texas Furry Fiesta, Arizona Fur Con, Biggest Little Fur Con, Rocky Mountain Fur Con. Club 101, and Club Envy.

Music Production & DJ Performances[edit]

Sparx has been an active DJ since 2007, starting off as a bedroom DJ with vinyl records and playing genres such as nu wave disco, hands-up, melbourne bounce, hardstyle, & more.

Currently she mixes digitally and has moved over to genres such as Deep House, Future Garage, Big Room, Dubstep, & assorted experimental genres.

In the fandom, Sparx has played live sets on main stage and in room parties at conventions such as EP Con, Texas Furry Fiesta, Biggest Little Fur Con, Rocky Mountain Fur Con, Midwest Furfest, Anthrocon.

Sparx also produces 8-bit retro music (also known as Chiptunes) under her own independent label "Husky Butt Rec", natively known on Soundcloud as " Sparx Traxx & Nexus² ".

In 2010, Sparx participated in a demoscene event and took home 1st place in videogame music, for her track "Rasta Blues"

When playing at such events she is noted to have a pink Gameboy Color, which emulates LSDJ (a wavetable synthesizer for the Nintendo Gameboy).

Room 42[edit]

Christine hosts a private room party every year at Biggest Little Fur Con called Room 42. It is noted that several underground and mainstage DJs perform in Room 42 as per request.


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