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A sparkledog, also known as a Sparkle is a term for a sentient feral character, with unusual hairstyles and fur colors or patterns, including rainbows. The term "Sparkledog" may also be applied to other non-canine species. Non-canine Sparkles are often referred to as Sparkleanimals.[citation needed] Furries with sparkledog fursonas are sometimes labeled wolfaboos.

The term is also used in a dismissive, derogatory way.[citation needed]


[edit] Appearance

Sparkledogs are often depicted with accessories or decoration including piercings, tattoos, dyed hair, and jewelry. (A 2008 image by RaspberryMaggot depicts a colourful character, surrounded by accessories, saying "I have no thumbs!"[1]) Sparkledogs tend to be looked down upon, possibly due in part to an ED article about them.

[edit] Varieties

Scenedogs are "hipper" than sparkledogs, while the FAQ of a DeviantART group for Gloomdogs stated:

Gloomdogs are NOT the same as SCENEDOGS or SPARKLEDOGS. Some may be scene, and yes, they are categorized as sparkledogs, but they cannot be insane colors, unlike other sparkles[2]

[edit] References

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