Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart

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Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart
Space pirate captain mactaggart logo 1a.png

Author(s) Craig Black
Launch date October 2, 2015
End Date On-going
Genre Science fiction, action-adventure, space opera, swashbuckler, comedy-drama, girls with guns
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Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart is a Scottish-American Web Serial Novel series created by Craig Black. It is part of the ColorWorld Universe, attributed to the Tails from the Federation banner. The series takes place in the early 31st century, in a universe where man has vanished. In his place, this universe is populated by a mixed bag of anthropomorphic animals, who have taken to the stars and populated much of the known Galaxy. The series focuses on the misadventures of a space pirate raccoon, Captain Jaws MacTaggart, a former soldier in the Stellar Federation, who has now turned her back on her masters, and now fights against them in her spaceship, the Stellar Typhoon.

Assisting Jaws in her quest against the Federation are a crew of unorthodox misfits: Leslie Kennedy, a tough squirrel with a dark past; a cat known only as Blackmask, a lazy yet streetwise hood-cat; and Kyoko Mori, the Typhoon's shy and softly spoken Chief Engineer. Fighting against Jaws and her crew are the forces of the Stellar Federation, led by Commander Barratt, a grey wolf who was Jaws' former superior, and his meek vulpine subordinate, Captain Mandarin. They fight against Jaws in their battlecruiser, the Oshan Akuma-and almost never win, thanks to Jaws' competence and their own lack thereof. The story was created by young novelist Craig Black and was developed by Jordann William Edwards, the executive producer, and Jake Elmer, the lead artist and illustrator of the series. Elizabeth Mogan contributes to the overall Tails as another executive producer, whereas Douglas Marshall is the science contributor.


The franchise[edit]



Captain Jaws MacTaggart (Keiko Kaizoku) is a Japanese female Raccoon and captain of the Stellar Typhoon and its crew. Jaws was a former Captain in the Stellar Federation Military Police, she was dishonourably discharged and exiled after an event that she doesn't like to talk about. Since then, she has turned her back on the Federation, and thus instigated a long and hard battle against her former commander. she is part cyborg due to an artificial robotic arm.

Sgt. Leslie Kennedy is a a British red squirrel and the loyal First Mate to Captain Jaws MacTaggart. She is a red squirrel, and had also worked under Jaws in the Military Police. After Jaws was stripped of her command and discharged, Leslie deserted, and was recruited into a new position as the First Mate on the Stellar Typhoon. Leslie is rather meek, cold and stoic on the outside. However, she is constantly haunted by memories of her past, and often wishes she could redeem herself. Her experience on the battlefield proves invaluable to Jaws and the crew of the Stellar Typhoon. However, it's also left her rather shaken, and the crew respect that enough to not challenge or question her about what happened back then.

Though she is well respected by her fellow crew mates, Leslie has few actual friends among them, the most notable of which is Kyoko Mori. However, it's also been hinted that she has a fondness for Alasdair Geddes. Leslie is some what similar to "Dirty Harry" due to her "bad ass" persona and the fact that she carries Smith & Wesson Revolvers as her main sidearms.

Blackmask is a yellow cat and Jaws' Second Mate, and the Stellar Typhoon's main weapons expert. She is a lazy yet streetwise hood-cat from East Oakland, California, Earth. She used to be a member of various street gangs, and this has helped her crewmates enormously in their battle against the Stellar Federation. Blackmask is lazy and annoying, some of the crew members hardly get along with her, but she is somewhat friendly. Her being in street gangs means she was influenced by hip hop music, but secretly prefers Punk Rock music better.

Kyoko Mori a Japanese female raccoon, Jaws' chief engineer and her niece. she is the very shy and sweetly spoken and is quite proficient technologically, and she can usually be found tinkering with some contraption of her design. However, the nature of her work means that Kyoko tends to shut herself away from the world at large. She is best friends with Leslie and is deeply in love with Alasdair.

Alasdair Geddes a Scottish male raccoon and a gypsy who's had his wings clipped (in his own words), Alasdair Geddes is the assistant Chief Engineer on the Typhoon. First coming to the Typhoon to escape his dreary existence on the planet Procyon VI, it is through Alasdair's eyes that we are first introduced to Jaws and her universe. Alasdair is one of the very few males in the Stellar Typhoon's predominantly female crew of pirates. However, this hasn't proven to be any trouble for him, as he's quite capable of working around the distractions of his colleagues. In fact, he's actually in a romantic relationship with his superior, chief engineer Kyoko Mori. He also has a passion for rock music and playing guitar.


Commander Zeus Barratt is a Grey wolf and is the primary antagonist of the series, being the chosen emissary for the Stellar Federation, and in command of the battlecruiser Oshan Akuma (Ocean Demon). Barratt is proud, ruthless and slightly unstable mentally, but is nonetheless fiercely devoted to the service of the Stellar Federation. He repentantly tries fights Jaws and her crew trying to place them behind bars for their acts of Piracy, but fails in the process.

Princess Midori Also known as The Green Fox, she is the ruler of the Midori Empire, and one of the major antagonists of the series. Like Commander Barratt, she is after Jaws.

Darkblade is a German Shepherd and rival pirate who is captain of the Bloody Cutlass ship. He is infatuated with Jaws MacTaggart and has had a crush on her for a while. He was introduced as a semi-recurring antagonist in the series. He's perhaps the most evilest and perverted of any of the characters, and usually brings up something sex-related.

Other Characters[edit]

Finbar MacTaggart is a gray raccoon and the captain of the Stellar Monsoon. He is also the husband of Jaws MacTaggart.

Kumiko Mori Jaws' twin sister and Kyoko's mother. She works as an engineer on the railway. Like her sister, Kumiko has a rebellious streak, but hers is more a desire to go against the gender conventions of her generation. This is exemplified by her working as a locomotive driver in the Minato Dockyards; typically a man's world. She is also shown to take pride in her work, and develop a leadership attitude.

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