Space Furries

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Space Furries
Author(s) Robert "Moldred" Schliff (story and characters)

Eric "Dustbunny" Huelin (art and layout).

Update schedule Sporadic
Launch date 2004
End Date Ongoing
Genre Science Fiction, Erotica
Censor NC17 button.png

Space Furries is an adult webcomic by Robert "Moldred" Schliff (story and characters) and Eric "Dustbunny" Huelin (art and layout). The setting is very similar to and inspired by Trouble's Tales, though there are no specific references to date to place it in the same setting.

The comic first appeared in the summer of 2004, is updated sporadically, and is up to page #68 as of late September 2007. The first 27 pages were in black and white, and have been in color ever since.


The comic primarily focuses on Julie, an ocelot, and to a lesser extent on her two friends Francine (aka Bilail), a fennec, and Stephie (aka Azreal), a civet.

They are caught in the wrong places, framed for crimes they didn't commit, and are sentenced to be trained and to serve for two years as Field Utilized Recreational Nexi (FURNs), which for practical purposes means they are to become sex slaves.

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