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SpaceNerd77, also known as Jesse, Mime-God, Wes, or Chef, is an artist, fursuiter, and YouTuber. As of January 2019 he currently owns Cosmic Cryptid Creations which he runs along side AlienQueen13. He has shown interest in game design, fursuit making, and creating music. He works from upstate South Carolina.

Timeline Summary[edit]

Every artist has their roots. Jesse joined Tumblr at the age of 13. He was a My Little Pony roleplayer at that time. At some point between 2013 and 2015 he fell out of the fandom after dating a mentally abusive girl he refers to as Pink Bunny. He also switched over to a completely new Tumblr account. July 31st, 2015; Jesse creates his Fur Affinity page.

Around 2016 Jesse came out as Trans, Pansexual, and Polyamorous. He had only the support of his mother at the time. Shortly after coming out publicly, he found himself in a manipulative one-sided relationship with a girl he calls Blue Dog. When he finally got out of the loop of that relationship, the stress from it almost caused him to leave the fandom.


SpaceNerd77 currently has one truly addressed main fursona as well as several lesser sonas.

Chef the Dog[edit]

His main fursona is Chef Warly Russell, a natural toned dog with messy hair tied up in a bum and ghost white eyes. Chef was designed by KingBatman7 for him. ( Link)

Jesse the Sableye[edit]

For most of his YouTube content he uses his Pokesona, a Sableye with buck teeth and a labradorite on his chest. Often wearing a pink bandana. This character recently took the name Jesse. ( Link)

Space Nerd and Mime God[edit]

These two aliases have representations in the form of Jesse's closed species Mahskee. Space Nerd represents the calmer side while Mime God is a relentless trickster. Jesse has not shared much about these characters other than the fact that they represent him. (Space Nerd's Link) (Mime God's Link)



SpaceNerd77 attends SCComicon every year since it's first year. He'd sooner die than miss it. He is currently planning on being a vendor at SCCC 2019

Furry Weekend Atlanta[edit]

He wants to attend FWA 2019 but it's unclear if he will be or not. There is a possibility he will be a vendor at FWA 2020

Pirate Dog Soap[edit]

Pirate Dog Soap was the brand name SpaceNerd77 and AlienQueen13 picked for their handmade soap brand. They just needed to get funded. The Kickstarter failed it's first run. They've expressed desire to try again but for now there is no relaunch date.

Lily Russell[edit]

Lily is a purple and white Marble Fox. The sole fursona of Jesse's mate and soon to be fiance. He designed her for her in 2017 when they got together. She's been redesigned once. ( Link)

Lily and Jesse have been together since June 13th 2017. They are currently in a long distance relationship but have met in person and plan to do so again until they move in together. If Jesse starts talking about her you will have to ask him to shut up. He loves her and loves to talk about her.

Social media[edit]

SpaceNerd77 is active on many social medias. Some less active than others.

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