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SpaceFox's fursuit

SpaceFox (real name Dave N.B.) is a furry writer and fursuiter. His costume is a character from Worlds Apart, an anthropomorphic science fiction story which he himself wrote.

Worlds Apart[edit]

In Dave N.B.'s work of fiction, Worlds Apart, a rogue starship captain assists an exiled human pilot who has stolen the only spacecraft capable of deep-space flight from Earth.

Known as "Space" to his friends, SpaceFox has a fox-like appearance and wears a silver pilot’s vest, a green jumper, and a wrist-mounted universal communications device. His facial fur grows in blue patches due to radiation exposure.

Other Writting's & Scribbles[edit]

As of Janurary 2012, Dave N.B. has written several anthro-based Sci-Fi and fiction stories. Of these, World's Apart, The Bridge Between, Come As You Are, Favorite Mistake, and The Werewoods -the last being a novel; The Werewoods is in line to be published upon completion.

Besides stories, Dave N.B. has written several works of prose and poetry, most of which is a direct reflection of his extensive world travels. Some of the stories and poems may be found on his Fur Affinity page:


The SpaceFox fursuit was originally part of a writer's block exercise; the idea was to have a physical "character" from his story to inspire future writings. While the main goal of Space-in-the-fur was met, (see Deviant Art page: for details) SpaceFox has become a little more than a mere writer's block mover.

Other activities[edit]

SpaceFox designed an introduction for the online radio show The Rabbit Hole, and frequents the mIRC chat for and The Funday PawPet Show. He is also known to support such fund raisers as Big Brother's, Big Sister's, and

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