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SpAM CAN (real name Sam, born 23rd January 1995) is an animator. He owns and operates a production studio called Elite Treacle Inc.
SpAM_CAN in March 2010


Originally called SpAM, with the "p" in lower case to emphasise the fact that it should not be there. After SpAM was taken on many forums, he added _CAN or _BURGER.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Mainly joined thanks to Blake after meeting him on the StillAliveDS forum. Hasn't done much yet.


SpAM_CAN in February 2010
A Lombax with a Chameleon Arch embedded into his chest, and large metal thrusters attached to his spine. Hidden on Earth during the Lombax/Cragmite War. The thrusters were part of a desperate initiative to create much more powerful soldiers.

The Chameleon Arch allowed for the complete rewriting of the users DNA to become part of a different race. After 15 years, this particular Chameleon Arch was designed to reset the users DNA to default (in this case, Lombax), after having been set to Homo Sapien, therefore forming an odd situation where in the middle of the night he transformed into a Lombax, with no explanation and no way of transforming back.

The Arch had a "Somebody Else's Problem" perception filter over it, it was always there, but no one could see it. Now the Arch is a bright red orb glowing in his chest, and can be used to transform into a human again, but very painfully and very slowly.

Elite Treacle Inc[edit]

The Elite Treacle Inc logo, based upon the icon for the Legendary difficulty in Halo 3

Elite Treacle Inc is the name that most of SpAM_CAN's works are produced under. It was previously called Sam Productions, but was changed to a much more unique name (and one with an open domain name).

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