Southern Paws

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Southern Paws
Status Ongoing
First iteration August 9–11, 2019
Organizer(s) Southern Paws Organizing Committee Team
Subject Furry Camp
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Southern Paws resources

Southern Paws is a furry convention held in Canterbury. Southern Paws is the first major convention in New Zealand besides FurCoNZ, and the first to be held in the South Island of the country. The convention is a furry camping style event, held at a former scout camp site.

The first Southern Paws was held on August 9–11, 2019, at the Waipara Adventure Centre in New Zealand.

Southern Paws (edit)
Southern Paws 2019
Southern Paws 2021

Southern Paws staff
Southern Paws guests of honor


Year Dates Attendance Location
2019 August 9th – 11th 70+ Waipara Adventure Centre
2021 April 30th - May 3rd Waipara Adventure Centre

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