Southern Cross IV: Honor ante los Familia

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Southern Cross IV: Honor ante los Familia
Subject Final Fantasy with furry races
Server, port: 4321
Status Alive
Ran from/to 2007? - Present

Southern Cross IV: Honor ante los Familia is a roleplaying MUCK with a Final Fantasy theme. Among the species are the Wolf Kin, "Very similar to a morphic wolf",[1] and other anthropomorphic species.

The game was originally hosted on port 1234; it was moved to 4321 and 1234 was replaced with the now defunct Heroes of the Stars.

While the game is still online, there have been an average of zero players online since Spring of 2012.[2]


  • Hinoserm - Being Mean / Server Management (No RP Stuff)
  • Ivory - Jobs & Specials || Church || Gear Assistant
  • Nuku - Headwiz


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