Southern Cross III: Throne of the Empire

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Southern Cross III: Throne of the Empire was a roleplaying MUCK with a Final Fantasy theme. It is a "prequel" to Southern Cross MUCK: FL. This version of the game is closed; it was a prequel to Southern Cross III: Forbidden Lands, formed at the same address.


  • Ariadne - Main Plot Staff/Queue/Respecs/Events/BG Review
  • Banshee - Resources, Spell Approval, Underworld, Spirits
  • Blobbus - Asst. Coder (Absolutely _NO_ RP-Related Stuff)
  • Caolin - Happy Fun JudgeMaster
  • Cole - Coder, Internal QA, and Resident Bad Boy
  • Edmond
  • Hinoserm - Being Mean / Server Management (No RP Stuff)
  • Ice - Specials&Tiers; Faction; Gear-Assistant; LP-Wiz
  • Kariko - Player Relations/Complaints
  • Nuku - Bug Last! Specials Helper
  • Phillip - General Helper/Projects/Synthage
  • Rhentin - Plot/Queues/Insanity/Make-plan
  • Ryais - Specials staff, judge and witness.
  • Sam - Church Wizzen
  • Taross - Spirit Wizard 1/3, Merits And Flaws Wizard
  • Terri - Queue Staff

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