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Southern Cross Gaming (SCG) is a furry gaming community on Steam,[1] founded in late 2010 by Rowedahelicon.


In June of 2010, Rowedahelicon started up a Team Fortress 2 for a different group a close friend ran with $100.00 in his pocket from his birthday. This server lasted a few months until Rowdy had grown tired of having to ban troublemakers of the group he was supposed to be helping out in addition to issues with leadership he didn't agree with. On the night of November 25th, he took his server offline and re-branded it under the new name, Southern Cross Gaming.

The Group[edit]

Southern Cross Gaming is described as a family of furries who run games and events for other furries and everyone in between, making a nod to the non fur patrons of the group. The group focuses on quality of the games, servers, website, etc above all else. They choose not to advertise for fear of bringing in too many people too quickly. Rowdy mentions he wants the group to naturally grow, by small numbers and friends of friends, claiming it is easier to introduce new people to the group and the group's customs that way.

The group runs a number of servers for games such as Team Fortress 2, Unturned, Minecraft and a few others. They also maintain an active chatroom on both Steam and Discord.

The association with the Southern Cross has motivated a space / star theme in their efforts and projects. The website features stars in the background for example.


Poe's final design icon

In late 2015, Rowdy debuted Poe, a chat bot that sits in both their Discord and Steam chatroom. [2] Poe features a series of commands that allow people to interact with him and also requires regular feeding by anyone who notices that he is hungry.


The Southern Cross is a nickname for the Crux constellation, Crux being the fursona of the owner. Unlike most other furry groups that name their groups with fur related names, Rowdy states he chose Southern Cross as both an ego thing and to downplay the furry factor as it calls upon unnecessary trolling. [3]


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  2. Poe update pagePoe was designed to help group members keep in touch with Steam events / announcements that otherwise go unseen due to Steam's poor handling of news posts.
  3. "When we were associated with the BFG, we were raided by several groups spanning over 4000 people in one night, Scg? Most we've ever gotten was your typical troll or hacker." - Rowedahelicon

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