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Scg's Official Logo as of 2011

Southern Cross Gaming (SCG) is a furry gaming community on Steam[1] founded in late 2010 by Rowedahelicon. While it is focused around its TF2 servers (Five as of May 2015), it has held and maintained several others including ones for Killing Floor, Minecraft, Monday Night Combat and so on.

The Group[edit]

SCG is a furry gaming group, built around the ideas that furs can play and hang out without shouting to the world that they are furries. The group itself makes many references to movies and games as well as the fandom. In addition, it names its servers after ice cream flavors, giving more humorous material for the patrons to play around with. It was formed in late 2010 after separating from the original BFG group the server (What would later be known as chocolate) was made for. It has since grown from a small group of 30 to over 1,300 members with no slow down in member registration. In addition to steam, the group holds accounts on Furaffinity, Twitter, Facebook and a forum.


The Southern Cross is a nickname for the Crux constellation, Crux being the fursona of the owner. Unlike most other furry groups that name their groups with fur related names, Rowdy states he chose Southern Cross as an in house reference to himself, and to downplay the furry factor as it calls upon unnecessary trolling. [2]


-The Smite, Drug, Freeze and Fire commands are broadcasted as after Pk Thunder, Pk Brainshock, Pk Freeze and Pk Fire respectively, a nod to the Earthbound series.
-The occasional chat message (Tiger Blood makes you win at everything) is both a reference to Charlie Sheen, and the quote "Bacon makes you better at everything" from Monday Night Combat.
-Ditto; "I'd rather be in little little Italy" is a reference to the show Jon Benjamin has a van.
-Ditto; "Because sometimes on the streets, a broom ain't gonna cut it! That's when ya gotta get a shotgun!" is a quote from the 2011 movie, Hobo with a shotgun.
-The quote on the Steam Group page with the line "The very Crux of the problem" is from the book, Tragic Sense of Life By Miguel de Unamuno.

Faothern Cross Gaming[edit]

During Anthrocon 2011 , Faolan the Wofl was put in charge of Head Administration while Rowdy was away. A journal message left by Rowdy stating "I don't expect him to pull a Wheatley Laboratories on me" [3] prompted a change of the group's Steam icon and website banner to reflect the faux takeover.



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  2. "When we were associated with the BFG, we were raided by several groups spanning over 4000 people in one night, Scg? Most we've ever gotten was your typical troll or hacker." - Rowedahelicon
  3. WHILE I AM GONE. I'll be in contact in case the update breaks the server, and while I am gone, FAO is in charge as head admin. I don't expect to pull a Wheatley Laboritories on me, I still pay the bills you know.

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