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South East Florida Furs, abbreviated as SEFF, is a furry group that is based in the southeastern portion of Florida, USA.


SEFF began back in the Summer of 2010.[citation needed] Since then, it has transformed into a large group of furries encompassing South Florida with a large number of members in chat and has consistent weekly meets available for any local or visiting furs to attend. As of October 2019, the chat has been run by Kiki Jager (Owner @Kikiohater) and Pooky (Co-Owner @AddyVi), who reside in Miami and Broward respectively.


The group currently communicates mainly through Telegram and offers a way for furries in the tri-county area (Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County) to network and socialize. The main Telegram chat offers a way to navigate to the respective chats for Official Miami Furs (OMF) run by Pajammers and Furries of Broward County (FBC) run by Mestizo Wolf and Tanuki The Badger.

SEFF aids as an umbrella in support, networking, and advertising for these county chats. The group offers a platform for members to host and share local events and furmeets, and it encourages and supports furries in safe public endeavors.



SEFF sponsors and hosts Fursonification, an annual beach meet at Dr.Von Mizell-Eula State Park (Formerly known as John U Lloyd State Park) in Dania Beach that offers food and entertainment under a pavilion just a stone's throw from the sandy beaches Florida is known for. 2020 marks the 10th annual Fursonification with the official date being announced for May 2nd, 2020[1]. Fursonification hosts furs from in and out of state and offers guests a BBQ lunch and carnival style desserts just yards from the shore. 2020 will feature art created by guest artist and Miami local JennyFur, inflatables provided by Miami local TrebleHusky, and concessions provided in part by Broward local FizzyFox.


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