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The South Afrifur meet (previously South Furrica meet) is a furmeet held in South Africa.

It was first organized by Dracius and held 12-16 December 2008 at At Cheryls, a guest house in Table View, just north of Cape Town, with 16 attendees.

The 2009 meet was tentatively scheduled by Denim and Valerion for 25-29 November 2009 in Johannesburg,[1] but did not occur.

The 2010 furmeet is arranged by Nanukk for Port Elizabeth and scheduled for 07-15 January 2011.[2]

The 2011 furmeet is arranged by Rakuen Growlithe for Cape Town and scheduled for 10-16 December 2011.[3] but did no occur due to a lack of registered attendees.

The 2012[4] furmeet is to happen in Johannesburg. Durosuka but did not occur due to loss of venue and unable to find an alternative venue.

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