South Afrifur (convention)

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South Afrifur
Location South Africa
Status Ongoing
First iteration July 14-17, 2017
Organizer(s) South Afrifur Organizing Committee Team
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: South Afrifur (convention) resources

South Afrifur is a furry convention which takes place in South Africa.


The first South Afrifur convention was held on July 14 (Monday)-July 17 (Friday), 2017,[1] at the Magalies Retreat in Krugersdorp, Gauteng Province, South Africa.[2]

The event saw 28 attendees,[3] Activities included a welcoming braai and speech on the first evening, a small artists alley on Saturday followed by a scavenger hunt, obstacle course and gladiator arena, a games and social evening (including cards against furmanity, Who's Hitler and a few others), followed by a movie night. On Sunday the convention had panels on furry literature and publishing (Erdwolf_TVL), Social Media and Furry.FM (Bravura from Switzerland, Ivic Wulfe and Scratch) and a panel on fursuiting (Yote Fox). There was also a fursuit photoshoot, quiz afternoon and a raffle.


The convention's raffle raised R2140, which the organizing committee matched to make R4280 to donate to The Garden Route Wolf Sanctuary in Knysna. Scratch donated R2000 towards raffle prizes. Sudan Red also raised R2000 from commissions at the convention and donated R1000 to Pawsome Whacky Whiskers and R1000 to Wollies Animal Rescue.[3]


The second South Afrifur convention was held on July 13-16, 2018.[4] This event was at Getaway Coaches in Cullinan, 30 mins east of Pretoria.[5] The theme for the convention was Wild Wild West, as attendees stayed in furnished train cars. There were 43 attendees.[6]


For the 2018 convention R12,000 was raised and donated for Husky Rescue.


The third South Afrifur convention is scheduled on July 12-15, 2019 at the Ekudeni Exclusive Country Venue near Muldersdrift.[7]


South Afrifur 2023 took place July 7-10, 2023 at the Valverde Eco Hotel in Gauteng. The theme was "Magic Unleashed" and the charity was Imagine Animal Dreams.[8]


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