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DJ Vaile Cearo is a Techno/Industrial artist from Fargo, North Dakota, USA. Though he does mainly techno/industrial music, he will do anything that involves, some sort of synthesizer, leaving doors open to get into some forms of HorrorCore and among other styles. Michael (DJ Vaile Cearo) often times prefers to go by the name of Vaile, from within his pagan sorts of beliefs, he believes this to be his spiritual name. Michael is also very openly Gay (Homosexual) and he is in the process, despite the constant road blocks, of preparing a life with his Boyfriend known as D.

Michael is also a Major gaming fan. You may be able to catch him on games like Guild Wars every now and again. His major gaming tastes are mainly Horror/Survival, Fantasy/RPG (Role Playing Game), and Sci-Fi/FPS (First Person Shooter) though on occasions he will play such games as Need 4 Speed.

When you meet Michael in person, he may seem like your typical fun to be around innocent hyper guy. but once he starts to trust you, he has a bit too many quirks to be truly innocent (not that he's guilty of anything, he just no longer may seem like a saint, if he even ever did...) Some of these quirks include, his imagination that is fit for a demon. But on the other hand, he is extremely caring, non-judgemental, and also very Selfless. one of his biggest pet-peeves are those that live in only the realm of self-preservation.


Vaile is a 6'2" tall Lupine. His fur is mostly blond, and has thick dark brown almost black stripes along it, resembling a mix of tiger and Tasmanian wolf design. His tail is roughly 3'1" long; it also is quite thick do to long fur. He has a slender, lean and toned build. His fore-paws/hands are very slender and feminine. He is fluent in mainly just the English language. He has three piercings on his right ear and two on his left. He wears a feminine naval piercing as well.

Other Interests[edit]

Some of Michael's other interests are drawing, weight lifting (he does not want a muscle overload, though he would like to have some muscle), music as a whole (often you may catch him listening to various forms of metal, including the bands Devourment, Lamb Of God and Slipknot, or rap music like, Eminem, Redman and others within that genre.

Soul Plea[edit]

When Mike first thought of starting up Soul Plea he was having an emotional struggle from the things the world had been throwing at him. The name Soul Plea came up in this time, from the thoughts that his soul could pull nothing but silent cries for help. though despite this, he had no intent of an emotional/hardcore sound for it. and even though he had been hurting harshly, he had no other intentions for it other than expression. He has been out of that Emotional Spiral since shortly after the coming of Soul Plea.

Soul Plea is intending to go with any sound that can be thought of, though restricted to the synthesizer, this is in part to satisfy (if no-one else's) his musical tastes. Soul Plea is not too concerned with whether or not he has fans, his music is composed mainly to satisfy himself, and those close to him, but he does however still share his productions with the rest of the world.

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