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Soron the Green Archer Panda
Soron on an autumn morning

Soron is a person who lives in Rochester, New York, U.S.A. His character is a giant panda that stands at 6'6" tall and is often seen cloaked in dark green, brown, and black archer's garb from the Renaissance period. His leather armour is embellished with a head of a fennec and has a wolf head on his belt buckle, both tributes to his friends. He totes a green bow and long arrows with green and yellow fletching, leading Soron to also be called "The Green Archer Panda". He is often found in the company of or protecting foxes. He is very partial to fennecs.

Soron and his dear fennec friend Etheras host the The Frozen Oasis parties. They are held on Friday nights at various cons around the country.

Soron hails from western New York and currently resides in Rochester, NY. While not out saving the foxes of the world or at cons or hosting the Oasis, Soron is a Medical Writer/Clinical Researcher for a medical device and pharmaceutical company and is based out of his home in Rochester, NY. He organizes the weekly Western NY Munches and various other fur related events in and around Rochester.

Soron is also the Chair of New York's only furry convention as of 2014, FurryCon.

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