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Sorin Kat (born February 17th, 1978) is a furry artist who lives in Westminster, Colorado, United States. He is mated to Rocky. Sorin's fursona is a tiger-striped domestic tabby cat.

Sorin is the webmaster and an administrator/founder (along with Blackpaw, Maus Merryjest, and Taiho) of ColoFurs, a community based on Yahoo! Groups for Colorado-based furries.

In 2007, Sorin was the Assistant Co-Chair for Rocky Mountain Fur Con and volunteered to repeat that position in 2008. For 2009, he was promoted to chairman after Kahuki stepped down as chairman.

Sorin is also a writer; one of his short stories was included in RainFurrest 2011's charity anthology, Stories from Camp RainFurrest, and in RainFurrest 2012's Tails of a Clockwork World.

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