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This article highlights all the CD single releases by musician SonicBlu Darkfold.

Welcome to McDonalds[edit]

"Welcome to McDonalds" cover

Welcome to McDonalds is a filk song written and performed by SonicBlu Darkfold and parodies the song Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses.


This song was first written by SonicBlu in 1991 at the Cambridge Coffee House in Newhall, California after a full night of bowling in a nearby bowling alley with his neighbor and his neighbor's then girlfriend.

SonicBlu procured the score sheet from their bowling game and jotted down the lyrics to Welcome to McDonalds. The original lyric sheet is still kept in SonicBlu's bowling bag for posterity and stored in a garage in Lompoc, California.

The song itself was not put to music until 2004 when SonicBlu recorded and mixed the song for release on his new album Sprout Your Fur in 2005. This song was performed on stage at Anthrocon 2006 with the aid of his furry friends including David Von Foxkin and Babs Bunny. in Columbus, Ohio SonicBlu performs this song live at various Karaoke bars around the city, and it has become the most requested Karaoke rendition by DJs and fans alike.

The Jack the Ripper Trilogy[edit]

Jack the Ripper Trilogy cover

The Jack the Ripper Trilogy consisted of three songs that appeared on the album Four on the Floor...And Ready to Roll.


The songs consisted of Whitechapel Nightmare (a parody of Rhythm of the Rain by The Cascades), Saucy Jack is Gone (a parody of Here I Go Again by Whitesnake), and Eyes of a Killer (a parody of Eyes of a Stranger by Queensryche, with two extra tracks for the featured contest and one hidden bonus track appearing on SonicBlu's traditional 69th track number.

This maxi-single was only released for a very short time, as it was only meant as a means of promoting the forthcoming album. The maxi-single came accompanied by an audio contest, in which the listener received instructions for the contest on Track 4, and instructed his listeners to listen to a re-enactment of a search for Jack the Ripper on Track 5. The winning entries were awarded a free copy of the limited first print run editions of the new album, in which only ten copies were made, and came encased in red-tinted jewel cases. The contest ended on Midnight, December 31, 2006, and anyone who was able to return a winning CD to SonicBlu via the address mentioned would have been awarded a free copy of the new album on the day of its release. The maxi-single only underwent one print run in which only fifty copies were printed. Out of the fifty copies of the maxi-single, only ten CDs were marked as winning contest entries. The final released print run of the Four on the Floor album covers were then placed in solid clear CD jewel cases without the red tint to differentiate them from the first print run. The cover of the CD depicts SonicBlu covered with blood splotches and standing before a backdrop featuring the original Jack the Ripper letters that were written by the serial killer himself. When asked why SonicBlu recorded a tribute to Jack the Ripper, he replied, "My friend David Kaffinetti (keyboardist of the group Spinal Tap) and I were talking about Spinal Tap's own tribute to Saucy Jack and whatever happened to it. (David) told me that it was merely only used in random conversation toward the end of (This is Spinal Tap) and they had no intention of actually recording it. I mentioned to him that I have ideas for not one, but three songs to contribute, which should make up for a Saucy Jack no-show from Spinal Tap. David was all for it, and when the maxi-single was done, David received the first copy. I don't think it was a winning entry, since he never sent it back to me, which either means he enjoyed it too much, it was not a contest winner, or he just hadn't listened to it yet." As of January 1, 2007, no further copies of this maxi-single were printed, and is deemed out of print.

Bathroom on the Right[edit]

Bathroom on the Right cover

Bathroom on the Right is the third single released from the filk album Four on the Floor...And Ready to Roll.


This song's inspiration is based from the common mistake people often hear when listening to the original song Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival, so in late 2006, SonicBlu was in the midst of writing and recording songs for the new album and figured that if nobody else has done a true Bathroom on the Right parody by this time, he should be the first to actually put it to music and release it on an album. Better yet, SonicBlu decided to let his character Bar Hoppin' Bill provide the vocals for the song and base the lyrics off of a busy bathroom at a bar during "happy hour". Recording the song took about 4 takes in order to get the Bar Hoppin' Bill voice to get into tune with the backing track, since this was the first time SonicBlu ever recorded a song in a different voice. The B-side of this single is Con of the West Coast Bay, a parody of the song House of the Rising Sun by The Animals, which would give another furry convention a song to call their own, as he has done with his first album Fur Folks & Fun. The cover features the outside of a public bathroom with the typical stick-figure sign adorning the entrance, and the male stick figure seeming to have jumped off the sign (leaving behind a trace outlining where he was) and getting ready to head inside to use the toilet.

Landing on Boardwalk[edit]

Landing on Boardwalk cover

Landing on Boardwalk (a parody of Under the Boardwalk by The Drifters) is the third single released from the 2005 album Sprout Your Fur.


The single is backed with the title track of the album Sprout Your Fur, a parody of Spread Your Wings by Queen. The song features spoken vocals by Spyke Tyranno during the instrumental bridge, where is heard the sound effects of Spyke and SonicBlu rolling dice and moving game tokens around on a Ouija Board to give the impression of the duo playing a game of Monopoly.

My Fursuit's On Fire[edit]

My Fursuit's On Fire cover

= April 2012 | format = CD single | recorded = July 2011 | genre = Filk | length = 3:23

My Fursuit's On Fire is the second single from the album SonicBlu Darkfold NOW.


The single is slated for a release in April 2012 and will be debuted at the convention Wild Nights in the year of its release. This has been decided to be the last single from this album to be released before the full length album is available. The B-side of this single is 15 Minutes to Go (a parody of the song 25 Minutes to Go in the style of Johnny Cash), an unreleased song that was performed by SonicBlu during Anthrocon 2009, which features SonicBlu's dead-on Johnny Cash impersonation.

The song was inspired from the prior year's Anthrocon convention while wandering around the Dealer's Den on the final day. The fifteen-minute warning announcement that declared the closing of the Dealer's Den was heard, and when the announcement was done, SonicBlu started humming the song 25 Minutes to Go, eventually adding his own parody lyrics about the Dealer's Den closing down.

When he had enough inspiration for the song, SonicBlu raced out of the Dealer's Den and into the hotel, where he was met with a group of his fans. Not being one to push away a fan, he invited the group up to his room so that he can quickly jot down ideas for the new song's lyrics. Two minutes of speedy writing later, SonicBlu came away with a brand new song, and leaned back in his chair heaving a sigh of relief. When asked what he had just written, SonicBlu replied, "It's a (parody) song about running out of time in the Dealer's Den, and I probably wrote it all down faster than it generally takes the Dealer's Den to clear all the con attendees out of there."

With the new lyrics in hand, SonicBlu returned to his home in Columbus to record the new parody. The song features LolindirFox as the voice of the person making the last announcements before sending security to fetch SonicBlu, and excavating him from the premises as the song ends.


Snowman cover

| released = June 2006 | format = CD single | recorded = November 2005 | genre = Filk | length = 2:48 | label = Time Machine Records

Snowman is the fifth single released from the 2006 filk album Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use by SonicBlu Darkfold. During the recording of this song, SonicBlu was going through a bad cold, and his scratchy throat and stuffed-up nose can be distinctly heard in the vocals. SonicBlu decided to leave the song the way it is to help better elaborate the wintry effect of the song's snowy theme. The song is a parody of Soul Man by Sam & Dave.


The song was first played before a crowd during Midwest FurFest 2005 shortly after the song was first recorded, and would have worked out well for an immediate single release to promote the forthcoming album, but the B-side to this single hasn't been recorded at that time. Despite being the first song recorded for the third album, the release of Snowman was put on hold until the end of that year, due to the single's wintry theme. The B-side of this single is Butterball, a parody of Wonderwall by the group Oasis, and a dialogue between SonicBlu and the voice of one of his Time Machine Show characters "The Mad Cajun" can be heard through the song's extended outro.

Tail After Tail[edit]

Tail After Tail cover

= September 2006 | format = CD single | recorded = November 2005 | genre = Filk | length = 4:14

Tail After Tail (a parody of Time After Time done in the style of INOJ) is the third single released from the 2006 filk album Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use by parody artist SonicBlu Darkfold.


This song was responsible for the increased interest in the album by its listeners,[citation needed] and why the first print run of the albums sold out before the album was officially released by his distributor.[citation needed] The song is about the promiscuity occurring in a polyamorous relationship, where a reptilian boyfriend enjoys watching his furry significant other share intimacy with multiple partners. The B-side of this single is Don't Stop the Fandom, a parody of the Journey song Don't Stop Believin'. The cover depicts SonicBlu's "MeddleBear" character lying on a hotel bed with a photo on the wall of several disembodied tails among the title sequence of the single.

Artist's Alley[edit]

Artist's Alley cover

August 2006 | format = CD single | recorded = November 2005 | genre = Filk | length = 5:37

Artist's Alley is the second single released by SonicBlu Darkfold from the 2006 album Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use, which parodies the song Blaze of Glory by Jon Bon Jovi.


This song's lyrics were inspired by SonicBlu's personal experience working in Artist's Alley at Anthrocon 2004. The B-side is the song "Ice Within Your Veins", a parody of November Rain by Guns N' Roses, which SonicBlu claimed was inspired by a former relationship he endured earlier in his life.

The reference "ship your ass off to Maine; Back home to Maine" in the song's lyric does not have any relevance to the real life experience, other than providing the rhyming word "If I just had the cash to put you on a train". The single's cover depicts SonicBlu actually sitting behind a table at Twisted Nightmare Weekend, signing autographs for a couple fans, which was the only picture SonicBlu had that shows him as a dealer at a convention.

The Pile Of Furries[edit]

The Pile Of Furries cover

= July 2004 | format = CD single | recorded = July 2004 | genre = Filk | length = 2:43

The Pile of Furries is a single from the filk album Fur Folks & Fun by SonicBlu Darkfold and is considered to be SonicBlu's most successful single to date.[citation needed]


It was first performed on stage at Anthrocon 2005 and has been turned into a popular gesture in Second Life (created by username Shadowfamicom Watanabe), where it reached an even wider appeal. The song is a parody of the Johnny Cash song Ring of Fire, and was also the very first filk song SonicBlu put to music and released. SonicBlu was inspired to write the song to commemorate David Von Foxkin's first furry convention experience and wanted to make his association with the artist a memorable one.

On the last day of Anthrocon 2004, Foxkin was wandering around the hotel lobby saying his saddened goodbyes to everyone, when one by one, fursuiters wandered near his vicinity, to which SonicBlu invited all other nearby wandering fursuiters to crowd around a depressed-feeling Foxkin and surround him in one huge group fur hug, to which SonicBlu replied, "Looks like you just fell into a cuddly pile of furries, Foxkin!" The same environment was re-enacted on stage during the following year's Anthrocon Masquerade, where SonicBlu had Foxkin standing near him while on the stage, unsuspecting that he was about to experience the same type of furpile as he once experienced in 2004.

Yerf! I Feel Like a Furry![edit]

Yerf! I Feel Like a Furry! cover

= September 2004 | format = CD single | recorded = July 2004 | genre = Filk | length = 3:54

Yerf! I Feel like a Furry! (a parody of the song Man! I Feel Like A Woman! by Shania Twain) is the second single released from the album Fur Folks & Fun recorded by SonicBlu Darkfold, and released in September, 2004. This single also includes the album version of Making a Fursuit, a parody of With or Without You by U2.

Soft to Cuddle[edit]

Soft to Cuddle cover

= June 2006 | format = CD single | recorded = November 2005 | genre = Filk | length = 2:30

Soft to Cuddle (a parody of Hard to Handle by The Black Crowes) is the first single from the 2006 filk album Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use recorded by SonicBlu Darkfold. The song Sweet Childs A-Fryin' (a parody of Sweet Child o' Mine by Guns N' Roses) is also included, however this is the first SonicBlu single to be considered as a double A-side release, as both songs received a good rapport from listeners and both songs were requested often during internet radio broadcasts. The cover depicts an over-sized teddy bear (acquired by David Von Foxkin) wearing SonicBlu's brown fedora with rattlesnake skin band. Soft to Cuddle was first performed on stage during the Masquerade performances of Mephit Furmeet in 2006, and was the last time SonicBlu was able to attend the convention.

Sweet Child's A-Fryin'[edit]

Sweet Childs A-Fryin' was written by SonicBlu while walking to the grocery store one evening when he needed to pick up a few items to include in one of his more complex recipes, and images of Julia Child continued to flash into his mind. Upon returning home, he began to write and record the beginning lines of the song, including spoken monologues to be used in the song. SonicBlu's Julia Child impersonation is heard in the song between verses, and has been known to trick some listeners into thinking it was the voice of Julia Child herself. After recording the song, SonicBlu had unusually lost the ability to impersonate Julia Child's voice, and the only time SonicBlu is ever heard impersonating the voice is within this song.

We're Still the Furs[edit]

We're Still the Furs cover

= June 2005 | format = CD single | recorded = October 2004 | genre = Filk | length = 4:15 | label = Time Machine Records

We're Still the Furs (a parody of You're Still the One by Shania Twain is the second single released from the 2005 album Sprout Your Fur by SonicBlu Darkfold. The single is backed with the song I'm a Furry One (a parody of the song I'm the Only One by Melissa Etheridge, which was recorded in the same session in October 2004 and was also the first set of new parody songs recorded after Time Machine Records relocated for the first time.

It's a Fur's Life[edit]

It's a Fur's Life cover

= April 2007 | format = CD single | recorded = October 2006 | genre = Filk | length = 3:45

It's a Fur's Life (a parody of the song My Life by Billy Joel) is the second single released off the album Four on the Floor...And Ready to Roll album by filk artist SonicBlu Darkfold.


The release of this single occurred one month before the release of the full album, mainly to keep closer with the references to the number four that were evident throughout the original album's design and release dates. This song was taken from the fourth track of the album, released on the fourth day of the fourth month of 2007. This would also be the fourth song that anyone would be able to hear from the album in the form of a CD single released before the album's official availability to the public. The song lyrics were written as an inspiration from the manuscript "The Magic of Zhane", a story SonicBlu was commissioned to write for a fan back in his book-writing days about a furry friend inviting someone of a mundane nature to a fur con to gauge how it changed his life for the better. The B-side, Cozy Little Thing Called Fur, is a parody of Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen, which lyrics conclude why one could find comfort in the fandom in the form of a nice warm fuzzy cuddle with a fursuiter. The cover of the single shows two shots of SonicBlu dressed in his MeddleBear fursuit, which is the same photo that has been mirrored and pasted next to each other, and some of MeddleBear's belongings were removed to give the two photos a different feature.

Fursuit Head[edit]

Fursuit Head cover

= June 2011 | format = CD single | recorded = May 2011 | genre = Filk | length = 3:56

Fursuit Head is a single from the album SonicBlu Darkfold NOW, which was initially intended for performing on stage at the Masquerade during Anthrocon 2011 and has become quite a hit single after the song was performed.


The song was recorded shortly after Morphicon of the same year, and two versions of the song were mixed. The "Remastered" version of the single is kept in SonicBlu's archives intended for release on a later compilation. The song parodies Poker Face by Lady Gaga.

The single's B-side is an unreleased song entitled Walk Upright (a parody of Walk of Life by Dire Straits) which was recorded primarily as a fall-back song to perform on stage in case of any new ideas were needed, but was never performed. SonicBlu decided instead to keep the song in his archive until there was a need for it, either to perform it or to release it on an album. Since the next 3 SonicBlu Darkfold albums are already themed a certain way, he decided to release some of his archived unreleased material as B-sides to the singles from his 2012 album. The cover of this single is from a shot taken during SonicBlu's 2011 performance of Fursuit Head, with a picture of MeddleBear's head superimposed over his dinosaur head to fit the title of the song.

Whore in my Lap[edit]

Whore in my Lap cover

= August 2007 | format = CD single | recorded = December 2006 | genre = Filk | length = 3:37 Whore in my Lap is the fourth single released from the album Four on the Floor...And Ready to Roll album by filk artist SonicBlu Darkfold. There were two versions of the song recorded, but the second recording of the song is featured on the album and single releases.


The song is a parody of A Horse with No Name by America, and its lyrics tell the tale of an unsuspecting man heading into town to pick up a prostitute that ended up in a tragedy in stitches, literally speaking. The B-side of the single is a live recording of the previously released single Welcome to McDonalds from the Sprout Your Fur album. The version offered here was recorded live in 2008 at a small Columbus bar called Groucho's Lounge, where the audience's positive reactions and enthusiasm to the live rendition of the hit single is clearly heard. The cover features SonicBlu's over-sized teddy bear sitting in the back seat of a limousine holding MeddleBear in his lap, and the worried look on his face signifies the misadventure he's in for when he gets home.

The Furry[edit]

The Furry cover

= October 2006 | format = CD single | recorded = December 2005 | genre = Filk | length = 3:32 The Furry is the fourth single released from the 2006 filk album Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use by SonicBlu Darkfold.


The song parodies The Gambler by Kenny Rogers and the lyrics were inspired by SonicBlu's memorable trip to Further Confusion 2004, where he suddenly realized he was riding the bus with furry artist Mitch Beiro. The single's B-side is Summer of Y2K, which tells how SonicBlu first officially got into the furry fandom in 1997 and how he progressed from there. Summer of Y2K is a parody of the song Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams.