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Sofawolf Press
Sofawolf Press logo as of 2011.
Leading the team in quality anthropomorphic fiction!
Author(s) Owners: Jeff Eddy, Tim Susman
Status Active
Launch date October 1999
End date Ongoing
Genre Publishing company
Logo as of 2009

Sofawolf Press is an American small press company in St. Paul, Minnesota that primarily publishes anthropomorphic fiction. They are one of the most prominent publishing houses within the furry fandom. The majority of their material is created by members of the fandom themselves, though several of their publications have received recognition from outside the fandom.

Sofawolf Press has been in business since 1999. Representatives attend a range of conventions both furry and other, including Anthrocon, Midwest FurFest, Further Confusion, RainFurrest, Rocky Mountain Fur Con, Gaylaxicon, CONvergence, and San Diego Comic-Con. They were Guests of Honor at Eurofurence 20 (2014).[1]

Sofawolf and its publications have been presented with several awards from both furry and non-furry organizations, the 2009 Rainbow Award (Out of Position) [2], and several Ursa Major Awards. They have also been nominated for the 2006 Eisner Award (Digger), the 2010 WSFA Small Press Awards (New Fables)[3] [4] and the 2011 WWA Spur Awards (Sixes Wild).

Since late 2022, the Sofawolf Press Twitter account has been largely inactive and as of June 2024, the website has no products in stock.


The varied content published by Sofawolf Press includes periodic publications such as Anthrolations and Heat, anthologies of furry fiction (including two set on the fictional planet of New Tibet), and also full-length novels such as Kyell Gold's Volle and Out of Position series. The company also regularly anthologizes webcomics, such as Ursula Vernon's Digger, and publishes full-color graphic novels, such as those by Blotch.

Available titles[edit]

(Presented in alphabetical order.)

Discontinued titles[edit]


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