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There have been a great many In Character social groupings on The Lion King MUCK, which have formed, faded, and/or been revived over the years. The most prominent of these have been the prides.

There are three official prides as of July 2012:[1]

  • Kopje Valley Pride, king Mzohari with Kasjari as queen, living in the Kopje Valley
  • Natamba, king Ryngia, living in the Uzima Valley
  • Xun, king Tzu

There is one official Hyena clan, the Kisasa led by Matriach Wambui.[2] (The clan and leader has been listed since at least December 2009.)

There have been groups particular to other species, or formed of more than one species. Prides may have non-lion allies or members as well.

Some of the past prides were:

  • Tsavo, led by Mtukutu (an official pride until at least 2010; no longer by mid-2012[3])
  • The Zari Bara Pride, a precursor to the Natamba
  • The Celestial Volcano Pride
  • The Kumalo Pride (Unofficial)
  • Nawiri, led by Nkosi (2009 - May? 2010)
  • Utatu, the longest-standing and largest of the prides
  • Sisimka
  • Maja Ardhi
  • Adhama, led by Takata (2009)
  • Mekauri, led by Goddatumba (2009)
  • The Great Northern Plains
  • Sol Rock (the First Light pride), led by Sega, a ratel, and his queen Zahara, a lioness
  • The Foresworn
  • Subugo
  • Southlands/Plateau Waterfall
  • Salako
  • Lands of Hope
  • Zaire
  • Uzima Valley
  • A number of incarnations of the Pride Rock Pride

Other past groups include:

  • The Bloodclaw hyena clan, led by the lioness Achika
  • The Damuamwa hyena clan, led by matriarch K'jasria and her mate Kesh'ra
  • The Kaare hyena clan, led by Emengo, later Kinamkela and Shaka
  • The Menders hyena clan, led by Bashak
  • The Sumu hyena clan, led by matriarch Inda
  • The Kisasa hyena clan, led by matriarch Kora'no
  • The Shekwon pack of Ethiopian wolves
  • The Kalakonje, a clan of cheetahs, other spotted cats, and a mouse


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