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Sonny poses during a visit to Monmouth University's Help Desk.

Deanna Stango, aka Snowie, has been involved in the furry fandom since 1999 and has been an avid fursuiter since 2001. She is originally from South Philadelphia and currently resides in Lansdale, PA with her girlfriend Ellipsis.

Snowie's character is a white lion with blue eyes. She has a pure white coat with shades of black and gray along her headfur, eartips and tail tuft.

Although Snowie's persona is of the feline persuasion, her fursuit is actually a golden retriever puppy named Sonny Pavlov (after the famous Russian psychologist).

She does not hold a doctorate (yet); however, many refer to her as "Dr. Snowie" due to the nature of her profession as a mental health counselor. She currently works as an adolescent therapist and is approaching her final semester at Monmouth University where she will be earning an M.S. in Professional Counseling.

Snowie regularly attends Anthrocon, Midwest Furfest and FurFright. She can also occasionally be found on IRC in various chatrooms on Anthrochat and Furnet.

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