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Snow Fangs (Real Name: Liam St. John-Ayre; born October 24, 1997),[1] is a self-trained furry digital artist, video editor, and basic-programmer who lives in Knysna in the Western Cape Province of South Africa where he has been for most of his life. Attending Knysna High School; Snow Fangs focuses his studies on Informational Technology, Visual Art and Business Studies.[2] Snow also expresses an interest for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and occasionally engages with the Brony community.


Born in Knysna, South Africa, Snow Fangs lived and attended pre-primary school in Knysna until the age of six. He then moved to Storms River village in the Tsitsikamma Forest until the age of twelve after which he then returned to Knysna.[3] During his early years in Storms River he was not into art whatsoever.[4] It was only once he returned to Knysna that Snow began experimenting with visual art in the form of drawings. Snow Fangs hopes to finish school and go move to another country as soon as he has the opportunity, possibly joining his father in Seattle. Snow Fangs would like to develop his skill with computers and art, hoping to find a suitable career in animation or informational technology[5] in the years to come.

Snow Fangs spends most of his free time playing computer games, managing his furry community, chatting online or creating both traditional and digital art. Snow Fangs is a supporter of Safe For Works art and actively fights against art theft.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

File:RefSheet SnowFangs.jpg
Snow-Fangs, as drawn by Snow Fangs

Furry Fandom[edit]

Thanks to Yahoo! Answers, Snow Fangs discovered the furry fandom and furries (or "awesome animal people", as per Fangs),[6] with his drawing style adapting to it. He started to seek other furs under his first furry handle, Smirk Tails, eventually joining his first furry forum, Furry 4 Life, making new friends and acquaintances.

After becoming fully involved with the fandom, he changed his handle to Snow Fangs,[7] and opened his own furry community on Google+, ★║FURRIES║★, with a member count of 16,880 furries as of October 07, 2016. Snow Fangs mainly creates furry related artwork and is known mostly by his peers for his clean humorous themed artwork.[8]

  • Snow Fangs' "Furry Philosophy" - I believe the Furry community is a wonderful place, for all kinds of people, of all sexes and backgrounds. And I will always do my very best to make sure that any newcomer gets the proper doorway into our fluffy family! Cubs (Young Furries) need to be introduced into the Fandom the way I was, into a respectful, caring and loving family. I don't want to see new people fall into the clutches of the dirty side of the fandom, or be deterred from the fandom by dirty furries.

Brony Fandom[edit]

Snow Fangs interacts with the Brony fandom by creating pony art and commenting on Brony communities.


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