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The Tail of a Wolf: A wiki entry
Other names Vaga Deathrose, Arie Mouse
Born  ?
Character species wolf

SnappyWolf, or SW for short, is a relatively new name to the furry community, formerly going by the names Vaga Deathrose and Arie Mouse. SnappyWolf is most commonly seen on various LiveJournal communities such as Fursuit, FursuitLounge, and is the founder of the LiveJournal community known as Fursuit_Trades.

SnappyWolf's fursona a golden brown wolf with tan neck, chest, and under tail fur with dark chocolate brown accents. The most notable features of the wolf are the dark circles around the eyes. SnappyWolf is portrayed in art and Roleplay anywhere from a cub to a macro depending on SW's mood and outlook at the time. The many different sized wolves are thought to be completely different characters since they posses different personalities and SW has never claimed his fursona to be a shape changer.

The face behind the fur[edit]


SnappyWolf's real name is Tristan Leaptrott but prefers to go by the name Ryan. Ryan is pre-operation, female-to-male transgender, meaning while he is in possession of a female body he believes himself to be male and prefers to be identified as such. He enjoys many hobbies including drawing, fursuit making, reading, bike riding, role-playing, and much more. Currently residing in a small town in central Georgia, SnappyWolf believes he is the only furry in his town at this time. It is his dream to one day host a convention but plans to start off small, hoping to have a weekend long furmeet/outing sometime in the near future.

While he does frequent many forums, such as Gaiaonline, he is most easy to keep up with through his personal LiveJournal: The Wolves Den


SnappyWolf likes meeting new people, especially those who share similar interests, but considers himself shy and introverted.

Involvement in the Furry Community[edit]


SnappyWolf has attended Furry Weekend Atlanta two yaers in a row and hopes to continue attentding in the future. He is involved in many Furry related livejournal communities and loves to fursuit at both furry events and local events in his home town.

Artistic endeavors[edit]


SnappyWolf is in the learning stages of art but enjoys drawing nonetheless. He posts his works on several online galleries.



Mir is one of many characters belonging to SnappyWolf. Originally created in late 2005 for a StarWars table top RPG, Mir quickly found a place among his creator's favorites, becoming a fun and interesting character. Mir was created as a Bounty Hunter character, and still remains as such. Always depicted with a Sci-Fi/Futuristic flare, Mir is a gruff veteran of many space battles. One of his trademark qualities is his voracious appetite and his regard for most all other beings as a food source. The Bounty Hunter is of the created alien race called the Katir.

His Description and a bit on the Katir[edit]

The first image of Mir, by SnappWolf

Mir is of the Katir species, a race little known but greatly feared for their almost unequaled hunting prowess. They are covered in short, tawny fur with darker brown stripes along the tail. At 7ft tall Mir barely needs the dangerous looking quills on his back to be an imposing figure.
Bright red eyes peer from under a heavy brow, the left has a long, hairless, scar over it. The scar was a wound received in battle, the damage went deeper than outwardly visible and Mir is often prone to harsh migraines that leave him either writhing in pain or in a fierce rage, one can never tell which. Katirs have natural lowlight and dark vision and can switch their vision between normal vision and heat sensing vision, allowing them to hunt, and track, at night.
The quills on the Katir's back are sharp and dangerous, a great defense from attacks dealt from behind. When he feels threatened or in danger the quills stick up, other times they lay flat along his back. The quills do not detach (they are more like a hedgehog than a porcupine in that respect) But can be very toxic if they puncture the skin of a non Katir, the effect of the toxins depends of the creature at hand and can range from mild nausea to sever illness or death for those with a weak immune system. In addition to these natural weapons He also carries a blaster pistol and a long, sharp, knife.
Mir is quick on his feet, a silent predator who uses his long tail for balance and his large padded 'paws', tipped with threatening retractable claws to help him move with stealth. The Katir are often compared to the large hunter cats found on Earth, sleek and deadly, but almost beautiful to watch in motion. Their biggest weakness is their inability to breath oxygen, coming from a gaseous planet in the outer reaches a Katir off his home planet must wear filtration mask or some sort of respirator, as they breath pure Co2. Most standard masks only allow for 24 hours of continuous use before the filter must be replaced, it can become very inconvenient.
A Katir who's mask is removed in any environment unsuited for his breathing needs can generally hold his breath for 4 minutes before he collapses and begins to suffocate.

Mir's grasp on common tongue is harsh, his vocal cords are not made for producing such 'uncouth' sounds, the alien uses body language, including flicks of the ears, tail, or raising/lowering of the quills, and different series of grunts, growls, hisses, and other such noises to communicate though this body language is so complicated that most cannot grasp even a quarter of the meanings.

His History[edit]

Another image of Mir by SnappyWolf

Mir was born the oldest of a litter of 7 upon his home planet of Uudari. His people were simple hunters, living in tribes scattered across the untamed planet's surface. They knew little about the world beyond their own planet and only occasionally did a tribe mention strange visitors from the great beyond at a gathering, occasionally a young Katir went missing but it was to be expected in this harsh environment. Most believed these strange visitors to be simply superstition.
Young Mir was one of those until on his 67th birth year (He was still not considered an adult by Katir standards) discovered something odd in a clearing while out of scouting patrol. He didn't have time to explore as something tightened around his ankle and his feet shot out from under him, leaving him hanging upside down in the air.
The next time he opened those red eyes he was surrounded by shine, silver metal and he wast restrained, on his stomach, a tube running through his nostrils, feeding him the gas he needed to survive. His natural instinct was panic, and that's what he did until strange, hairless creatures put him to sleep once more with an injection into his arm.
Mir's life of slavery began there, he had been taken as a rich merchant's pet but when they found he was an intelligent creature, capable of complex thought, it was decided he wouldn't make a good house pet and instead was put to work in a quarry, his natural strength made it a good job for him but he would not accept his life and cause some rather unsightly damage to several other slaves, foremen, and quarry masters before the merchant sold him off.
His new home was only marginally better, they took the time to attempt to teach him a civilized language, it was hard for him to catch on, he learned to understand but could only speak simple words like 'yes','no','hungry','drink' and other basic terms, he was left with almost childlike speech. His new masters on the other hand saw his true potential, not as a simple worker, but as something much more sinister. Mir was trained in the ways of the assassin, sent out to kill for his masters. They had no fear that he would desert them, for they supplied the filters he needed to live, filters that were expensive and hard to come by, needing to be special ordered.
Mir lived this life for 40 years, secretly hoarding credits and trinkets from his victims until he was marginally well financed. When his master passed away with no named successor his world fell in around him. The Katir was left with no where to go and while he had saved a good bit of funds he had little idea how to use them.
All he had left was the 10 filters in his box and a desperate need to live, he dreamed of returning home one day... Knowing only basic words made it hard to communicate on his own, but after a few mishaps and a lot of trying he was able to get a commission as a bounty hunter as well as some much needed information on the filters he needed so desperately.
Thus his life began and has been ever since. He has become marginally better with common speech but still finds life hard. The Katir has become caught up in the life of being a bounty hunter, the money, the thrill of the hunt, but still clings to his dream of returning home.

== Mir as a Suit ==

Mir,a conbadge by regieeuronymous from a conbadge exchange on LJ

SnappyWolf has a partial suit for Mir that was created by Beetlekat (once known as Skathkat). SnappyWolf warns that he might be acting very in character while suiting as Mir.

Mir partial at AWA 13

The suit made its debute at Anime Weekend Atlanta XIII (13) In September of 2007. He was warmly received and spent quiet a bit of time out on the con floor. He was also seen out on Halloween 2007 in SnappyWolf's home town of Swainsboro Georgia.

Details of the Fursuit[edit]

Mir drawn by Shin Maxwell on Livejournal

The Mir fursuit is a partial built by Beetlekat, formerly Skathkat. It consists of a head on a blaclava base with a very responsive movable jaw. Mir's quills are made of craft foam and he is covered with a very soft short pile fur. The eyes are concave and painted with buckram pupils. Mir's paws are shoulder length and are five fingered with the fingers being made to look more like the digits on an actual paw. Paw pads are included on the paws. SnappyWolf made a small modification by adding an elastic strap which is attached to both hand paws and helps keep them from riding down the arm while being worn. Mir's tail is long and feline like. It is worn by two belt loops and has air brushed details. There are currently no feet paws to go with this suit but SnappyWolf has fur to use in the making of a pair, he is looking to commission them before FWA 2008.

Katirs may come in a wide variety of colors, with females being smaller than males. Both genders have quills and are very capable hunters.

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