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SmilodonArt (Cat Osborne) is an illustrator living in Houston, Texas, with a taste for things equine, feline, and furry. Like her patron and namesake, she prefers to be watching and unseen, and so has not made a tremendous splash in the art world for several years.

Cat has been creating furry illustrations for many years. Some of her early work involved drawing centaurs for Centaurs Gatherum, her character Maarau in the Barr Wars, and publication in a number of small press zines, including Furry Fantasies and Space & Time.

Cat is a staunch supporter of ApolloCon in Houston, being the inaugural Artist Guest of Honor in 2004 and an all-around volunteer and artist guest ever since. She has worked for the inclusion of fur-folk each year, making sure to have furry art in the art show, and a laundry list of suggestions for the Panel Creation Committee each year. This is the only convention she shows art in at this time.

Rage supplementary playing cards, produced by Rainy Day Paperbacks, feature Cat's work in the Rain Makers group and the Bane deck. Some of that original art is displayed in her gallery at Fur Affinity.

Third Coast Rubber Stamps offers a number of Cat's anthropomorphic characters as art rubber stamps. Several cat types, a rhino, and zebras are available. They also carry a series of Cat's anthros styled after Betty Boop, several of her centaurs, and a couple of her werewolves.

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