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Small Press Comics Explosion (early to mid 1980's,) created and edited by Tim Corrigan, was a nationwide, comic store distributed magazine that specialized in exposing and showcasing any and all small-press comic books or fanzines, with a fair share of furry titles in it, to the general public.

Small Press Comics Explosion was a review magazine. The magazine was published and written by Tim Corrigan. The magazine featured reviews and ads for 100's of small press publications. Small press is defined as self published comic books.

The Small Press Comics Explosion was the hub for the self published comics movement. First printed as a news paper and then in a magazine format. Tim's magazine inspired many people to create, share, and publish their own comics. When the SPCE ended, the self publish revolution network had no hub and fell apart.[citation needed] Now with the internet, connecting and staying in touch has never been easier.

SPCE did not create the movement but it gave self publishing a meet, greet and sell marketplace (kind of like a paper eBay for self published comics) that has never been replicated since.

When the black & white comic market went under SPCE went with it. No distribution and no orders killed that "bubble" in the late 80's.

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