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Small Press Comics Explosion first issue
Small Press Comics Explosion #6 cover

Small Press Comics Explosion, or just SPCE, was a North American, comic store distributed publication that specialized in exposing, showcasing, and reviewing any and all small-press comic books or fanzines, with a fair share of furry titles in it, to the general public.


The magazine was published and written by Tim Corrigan during the early to mid-1980s, and it featured reviews and ads for hundreds of small press publications (self-published comic books).

The Small Press Comics Explosion was the hub for the self-published comics movement. First printed as a newspaper and then in a magazine format, Tim's magazine inspired many people to create, share, and publish their own comics. When the SPCE ended, the self-published revolution network had no hub and fell apart,[citation needed] and it has never been replicated since.

Small Press Comics Explosion and furry[edit]

A large amount of furry artists, non-furs connected to the furry fandom, furry publications, or people and comics of furry interest initially started on SPCE.

Some small-press comics and fanzines, full furry or with a large amount of furry art included Slam Bang, Mini-Bang, *PPFSZT!, Perihelion, Small Press Sampler, Great Lakes Comics Catalog, Gorilla Girl Quarterly, and A Walk on the Wildside, among others.

Artists (furry/non-fur furry connected)[edit]

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