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Sly Phox

Sly Phox (Born 1990), often known simply as "Sly", first discovered furry after watching MTV's "Sex2K: Plushies and Furries" special in 2002. Sly did not have access to a computer at the time so the desire to find out more soon faded. It wasn't until 2003 that Sly was able to purchase a computer of his own, enabling him to discover the furry fandom once again. Sly became heavily involved within the Florida Furs community on both IRC and Live Journal. During this time, he was able to further his knowledge of computers and other technologies that would one day turn into a successful career.


With Sly's first exposure to furry occurring at such a young age, he was still very inexperienced with life and social interactions with those older than him. During the first year of joining the fandom, Sly's species changed. First being a Siberian Husky, evolving into a Grey Wolf, and finally settling on a Red Fox.


Even from an early age, Sly always loved dressing up in costumes. Dating to back from his early childhood as noted by Sly's mother saying how she never had any problems with him wearing masks. Since then, this enjoyment has evolved into Sly owning two fursuits.

Version One[edit]

Sly Phox V1 and Seven at Furloween 2004

Build Date: March 2004
Built By: (Head) Rose Quoll, (Body) Latin Vixen, (Tail/Paws) White Wolf
First Debut: Megaplex 3
Status: Retired

Version Two[edit]

Sly Phox V2 at Furloween 2007

Build Date: March 2006
Built By: Latin Vixen First Debut: Megaplex 6
Status: Active


Sly Phox now resides in the Orlando, Florida area. Sly attends many furry gatherings such as Furloween, Megaplex, and more reciently Anthrocon 2008 with plans to attend Further Confusion 2009. In addition to cons, Sly also likes to spend time with his local friends.

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