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Sleepersharks (Kit Vasey[1]) is an illustrator from Ohio who has also been an active artist within the furry fandom. Their work is often inspired by and features many traits reminiscent of medieval bestiary, illuminated manuscripts, and classic fantasy elements, as well as sometimes in combination with more modern stylization and bright, high contrast colors and patterns. They mostly create both digital and traditional anthropomorphic and fantasy illustrations, as well as traditional block prints, relief prints, and other screen printing works.

Their fursona is Dog[2], a genderless Italian greyhound with strikingly ice blue eyes, and is sometimes featured with vestigial wings.

Furry conventions attended[edit]

Kit has attended a variety of furry (and other subculture) conventions mostly around the Midwest where they have featured their artwork, products, and commissions for sale. These are their known furry attendances:


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