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Dax Hyena (born 1991), also known as Ghost Menjou, is a furry. He lives in Halen, Limburg, in Belgium.[citation needed] He has been active in the fandom since 2003 at a young age.


Dax's fursona is a spotted hyena. He has a natural hyena color scheme, the only deviation being his black paw pads, and his blue eyes.


Dax has studied IT/System Administration. He is heavily interested in several subjects, including: authoritarian regimes throughout modern history (such as the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Falange era Spain, and the DDR), science (especially space, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, medicine, and psychology), transhumanism, philosophy, socialism and politics, and IT (Windows, Linux, and Android).

Dax's musical tastes are quite wide, though he generally prefers military music and music from the 30s-80s.

Online communities[edit]

Dax is/was active on several online communities.

  • Furnation: Ex-head administor
  • FurNation Worlds in Second Life : Ex-estate manager in several sims
  • Furry Pride on Steam: Founder
  • Fur Affinity forums: Regular member
  • Furnet IRC : User in several channels

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