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Skye Cirrus (also known as Deltic, Pinefoot or AlbinoSergal, real name Skye; born April 1, 1997)[citation needed] is an ex-fursuiter, Half Life 2 speedrunner, ex-semi-pro CS player[citation needed], and ex-Furry Raiders admin[1] who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her fursona is a white, southern sergal.

In April 2017, Skye was criticized for a tweet wherein she said, "I shouldn't have to explain myself. What does it matter to you if I hate the Jews, niggers, and smackheads?"[2] and for a drawing she posted of her fursona in a military uniform wearing a Nazi brassard.[3] Skye denied having ties to neo-Nazi organisations and deleted the tweets.[citation needed]

Fictional character biography[edit]

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Dr. Skye Cirrus arrives late for work at 8:47 am in the Black Mesa Research Facility, using the advanced Black Mesa train system that leads through the facility. She arrives at the Anomalous Materials Lab, her workplace, and is informed by the security officer that the scientists have a special experiment today, so he goes to the locker room and puts on the hazard suit. She goes to the lab's lower levels, arriving at the Anti-Mass Chamber, where she is instructed that the specimen to be used that day is the rarest and also the most unstable specimen the lab has ever worked with. She is tasked with pushing the specimen into the scanning beam of the Anti-Mass Spectrometer for analysis. However, as soon as the specimen enters the beam, the spectrometer explodes, creating a sudden catastrophe called a "resonance cascade", and opening a portal between Earth and a dimension called Xen. Cirrus is apparently teleported to an alien planet and catches glimpses of various alien lifeforms, including a circle of Vortigaunts, shortly before blacking out.

Cirrus awakens in the ruined test chamber and surveys the destroyed lab, strewn with the bodies of scientists and security personnel. Finding survivors, Cirrus learns that communication to the outside is completely cut and is encouraged to head to the surface for help because of the protection afforded by her suit. Her journey consists of sidestepping Black Mesa's structural damage and defending himself against hostile Xen creatures, such as the parasitic headcrab which attaches itself to a human host before enslaving it. Other survivors claim a rescue team has been dispatched, only to discover that the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit sent in is killing both the organisms and the personnel there as part of a government cover-up of the catastrophe.

Cirrus fights the Marines before reaching the surface of Black Mesa, where she learns that scientists from the Lambda Complex may have the means to resolve the problems created by the cascade. Skye travels to the other end of the facility to assist them. However, Skye encounters several hurdles throughout the facility, such as reactivating a rocket engine test facility to destroy a giant creature of three tentacles, using an aged railway system in order to get to and launch a crucial satellite rocket, and fighting a group of Black Ops soldiers, before she is captured by Marines and dumped in a garbage compactor. Skye escapes and makes her way to an older part of the facility where she discovers an extensive collection of specimens collected from Xen, long before the resonance cascade.

Reaching the surface once more, Skye finds a war zone. Despite calling for reinforcements, the Marines are being overwhelmed by the aliens. Scaling cliffs and navigating destroyed buildings, Skye reaches safety underground. The Marines begin to pull out of Black Mesa and airstrikes begin. Meanwhile, Skye goes through underground water channels as aliens pick off the remaining Marines. She arrives at the Lambda Complex, where scientists developed the teleportation technology that allowed travel to Xen in the first place. After meeting the remaining personnel, Skye is told the satellite she launched failed to reverse the effects of the resonance cascade because an immensely powerful being on the other side of the rift is keeping it open. Skye must, therefore, kill this being to stop the Xenian invasion and the scientists activate the teleporter to send Skye to Xen.

Entering the border world Xen, Skye encounters organisms that had been brought into Black Mesa, as well as the remains of HEV-wearing researchers that came before her. She fights her way through Gonarch, the huge egg-laying headcrab, an alien camp and arrives at a massive alien factory, which is creating the Alien Grunt soldiers. After fighting her way through levitating creatures, she finds a giant portal and enters it. In a vast cave, Skye confronts the Nihilanth, the entity maintaining the rift, and destroys it. The Nihilanth dies in an explosion, knocking Skye unconscious.

Skye awakens, stripped of her weapons, to find the G-Man, who has been watching over Skye throughout. The G-Man praises Skye's actions in Xen. He explains that his "employers", believing that Skye has potential, and have authorized him to offer Skye a job. Cirrus is congratulated by the G-Man and placed into stasis.

Physicist Skye Cirrus is awoken from stasis by the mysterious G-Man, some years after Skye and other scientists accidentally opened a portal to a dimension of hostile aliens at the Black Mesa Research Facility. The event attracted the attention of the Combine, a multidimensional empire whose technological superiority allowed them to conquer Earth in seven hours. The Combine have implemented a brutal police state by biologically assimilating humans and other species, and prevent humans from breeding via a "suppression field". The G-Man inserts Skye into a train arriving at City 17, site of the Combine Citadel, where Dr. Wallace Breen, the former Black Mesa administrator who negotiated Earth's surrender, governs as the Combine's puppet ruler.

After eluding Combine forces, Skye joins resistance members including Barney Calhoun, a former Black Mesa security guard working undercover as a Combine police officer; Dr. Eli Vance, former Black Mesa scientist and leader of the resistance; Alyx Vance, Eli's daughter; and Dr. Kleiner, an eccentric Black Mesa scientist. After a failed attempt to teleport to the resistance base, Black Mesa East, from Kleiner's makeshift laboratory, Skye progresses on foot through the city's canal system. After obtaining an airboat, she battles her way to Black Mesa East, several miles from the city.

Skye is reintroduced to Eli and meets another resistance scientist, Dr. Judith Mossman. Alyx introduces Skye to her pet robot D0g and gives her a "gravity gun", an instrument which can manipulate large objects. Black Mesa East comes under Combine attack, and Eli and Mossman are taken to Nova Prospekt, a Combine prison. Separated from Alyx, Skye detours through the zombie-infested town of Ravenholm, assisted by its last survivor, Father Grigori. Escaping the town, Skye discovers a resistance outpost, and uses a customized dune buggy to travel a crumbling coastal road to Nova Prospekt, encountering Combine patrols and helping the resistance fend off raids.

Skye lays siege to Nova Prospekt by using pheromone pods to command the hordes of alien antlions that infest the coast. She reunites with Alyx in the prison and they locate Eli, but discover that Mossman is a Combine informant. Before they can stop her, Mossman teleports herself and Eli back to City 17's Citadel. The Combine teleporter explodes as Skye and Alyx use it to escape Nova Prospekt.

Returning to Kleiner's lab, Skye and Alyx learn that the teleporter malfunctioned and that a week has passed. During their absence, the resistance has mobilized against the Combine. In battle, Alyx is captured by the Combine and taken to the Citadel. Skye fights her way to the Citadel with the aid of D0g and Barney. There, she is caught in a Combine "confiscation chamber" which destroys all her weapons except the gravity gun, which is inadvertently supercharged by the forcefield, allowing her to pick up Combine soldiers.

Skye is captured in a Combine transport pod and taken to Dr. Breen's office, where she and Mossman are waiting with Eli and Alyx in captivity. Breen explains his plans for further conquest of humanity by the Combine, contrary to what he had told Mossman. Angered, Mossman frees Skye, Alyx, and Eli before Breen can teleport them off-world. Breen tries to escape through a portal, but Skye destroys the portal reactor with the gravity gun. Just before the Citadel is destroyed in an ensuing explosion, time is frozen. The G-Man reappears, praising Skye for her actions in City 17. Making vague mention of "offers for [Skye's] services", the G-Man places her back into stasis.


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