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Shawn Winnie is a sometimes-author of doggerel poetry and limericks, as well as the occasional short story.

Shawn's personal character is Skye Bluedeer.

Skye Bluedeer[edit]

Skye Bluedeer was originally from FurryMUCK, though has also made appearances on various other MUCKs and, more recently, in Second Life. He is a winged white-tailed deer, similar to a Peryton, though with few of their usual mythological characteristics. His normal coloring is generally blue, with silver hooves and antlers, and large bird-like wings that sprout from his back.

Skye has occasionally been known to take on other forms, with similar coloration, amd magic powers usually having to do with the manifestation of matter or energy. Typically shown in anthropomorphic form, he is about six feet tall with four to eight point antlers, depending on how he is represented.

Skye has made cameo appearances in the comic Jack, with a more stylized representation. One of the thousands of angels created to communicate with the beings on Earth, he now wears a robe and posesses mirrored eyes. His antlers and wings appear to have been scorched off as a result of his expulsion from Heaven for siding with Satan and centuries of banishment to Hell.

Unlike most of its denizens, Skye had no illusions about why he was there, and redemption came simply from asking God to forgive him. He became the Keeper of Purgatory along with others of the forgiven fallen to watch over those who neither belonged in Heaven or Hell. During his discussion with Ted, Ted asks if he is holding up the line, to which Skye replies that Heaven is worth waiting forever for. He maintains an as-yet unexplained relationship with Durp, though she may be one of the many other forgiven fallen.

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