Skin Deep

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Skin Deep
Author(s) Kory Bingaman
Update schedule One page every Tuesday
Launch date November 18, 2006
End Date Continuing
Genre Fantasy
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Skin Deep is a fantasy comic book and webcomic series written and drawn by Missourian Kory Bingaman.

The story follows the lives of various mythical creatures, such as a gryphon, a nixie, a satyr, and a sphinx, as they disguise themselves (using magical medallions) into the world of humans. Its narrative, so far in one completed arc and one in-progress arc, presents the point of view of Michelle, a college-aged Sphinx who has only recently learned that she is not a human, and the various points of view of the citizens of Liverpool's Avalon, an entire magically-hidden city. The plot often works to establish a theme of different versions of normalcy, promoting acceptance and diversity.


Orientations - Takes place in Missouri, in September 2004. Focuses on the turning (de-spelling of humanity disguise) of Michelle, a member of the supposedly-extinct sphinx species. Explains many of the mechanisms of the Skin Deep world.

Exchanges - Takes place in Liverpool, England, in August 2004. Focuses on the turning of Anthony Gillis, as well as the interactions between several of the inhabitants of the Liverpool Avalon.


That is not what magpies look like, Anthony
  • Jim Finn - A maned gryphon who appears in both arcs. He is an exchange student from England who has the most knowledge about the mythical community, having been raised in one.
  • Michelle Jocasta (Orientations)- A grecian sphinx who is the focus of Orientations. She is accidentally turned from her human form into her real form, releasing a large burst of magic that causes the events following to happen.
  • Merial McMinnus (Orientations)- A nixie who is Michelle's roommate and friend.
  • Greg Tragos (Orientations)- A satyr, Merial's friend from before college.
  • Eustace (Orientations) - A totem fox who runs the shop in the small Missouri Avalon.
  • Marshall (Orientations) - A totem raven who is Eustace's best friend.
  • The Bloodcarver (Orientations) - A mysterious member of the also supposedly-extinct race of dragons.
  • The Grimm Brothers (Orientations) - Three demons sent from Dis to retrieve the lost shade of Michelle's father, who end up targeting the newly-turned sphinx.
Michelle learns what medallions do
Jim transforms in mid-air
  • Anthony Gillis (Exchanges) - A "human" who seems to be having some trouble maintaining his humanity.
  • Blanche Noir (Exchanges) - A white stag who introduces his best friend, Anthony, to his hidden life in the Avalon.
  • Lorne Lyon (Exchanges) - A nemean lion, the best friend of Jim Finn.
  • Jon Lyon (Exchanges) - A cranky nemean lion, the brother of Lorne and the best friend of Paul Finn.
  • Madame U (Exchanges) - A gorgon who runs the local shop full of magical items.
  • Alec (Exchanges) - A bugbear who seems to be friends with Blanche.
  • The Finns (Exchanges) - The clan of gryphons of which Jim is a member, comprising of James, Mary, Tobias, Paul, and Colin.
  • Eleanor and Rupert (Exchanges) - A bandersnatch and jub-jub bird, respectively. Disgruntled Wonderlanders who have left their home to live in the Liverpool Avalon. Seen playing a mysterious card game in front of a restaurant.
  • Zech and Elise (Exchanges) - A centaur and pegasus, respectively. Seen arguing in the Avalon.


  • Comics - The first arc, Orientations, as well as a short story, The One-Eyed Bear, are available for sale in printed form.
  • Sketchbooks - Two books full of sketches and development of Skin Deep, as drawn by Kory Bingaman, are available for sale in printed form.
  • Medallions - Bronze pathtags made to be in the shape of the medallions seen in the comics, are available for sale in the forms of Sphinx, Maned Gryphon, and Nemean Lion.
  • Charms - Small, acrylic charms in the shape of Jim the gryphon, Anthony the harpy, and Blanche the stag are available for sale.


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