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Skie Nightfall (born early 1985) is a grey wolf from Israel.

Skie is a Zoology MSc. graduate, and an active member and contributor in the Israeli furry fandom.

He founded the Israel Furs IRC channel #ilfurs and initiated the creation of the Israel Furries website, which is maintained by IceDragon. He also arranged and hosted the first local furmeet of its size, with the help of Dogtail, and is always on the watch for new furries to join our community.

Skie takes care to supply the newly-made Israel Furries website with content and make his little country visible enough on the map.

Amongst his hobbies are reading, PC gaming, Magic the Gathering, and DJing.


His first furry convention was ConFuzzled 2008. He was known to photograph restlessly, dance like there is no tomorrow and run around everywhere, mostly due to the fact he doesn't get to attend a lot of conventions. Nowadays[when?] he's older and manages to attend conventions semi-regularly.

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