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Sketchkat's fursona

Sketchkat (Kate Jeal, born December 24, 1988)[1] is an anthro artist and fursuiter who is based in Bristol, England.[1] She uses the last name of Blackflag when referring to her avatar on Second Life.


Sketchkat's fursona is a female, medium-build, anthro Eurasian/Siberian Lynx, with tan/gold pelt and black stripes as well as spots. As in real life, she has piercings and glasses.

Sketchkat can also be portrayed as a feral (or non-morphic) Lynx.


Sketchkat has been a fur since at least 2003, and is a regular in the SouthFurs community.

Her first furmeet was in April, 2006, at Bristol, with the company of TMFox. There she met Tiggie, and partnered with him by the next meet (however, this relationship ended mutually in December, 2014). In May, 2015, she had partnered with Vatra/Shadowulf for a relatively brief period of 1 year. As of December 2016, she has partnered with Munchy, a long-time friend, and still strong. Nowadays she is more selective of the appearances she makes at meets and conventions.

Conventions she attends include ConFuzzled, and Eurofurence. She was a guest of honour at RBW 2010.


Sketchkat has four fursuits:

Sketchkat uses her fursuits mostly for her own pleasure, but also for public performance when she takes them to furmeets and conventions.

Outside the fandom[edit]

As of May, 2012, Sketchkat works as a bartender alongside her dad and mother-in-law.

Her hobbies include drawing, gaming, kayaking, scuba diving, and dancing.


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