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Sketch Dalmatian is a barepawed furry artist[1] from Del Rio, Texas, U.S.A.[2]


Sketch Dalmatian attracted controversy with a posting he made on his Fur Affinity journal in late December, 2010, or early January, 2011.[3] In the posting, Sketch related how, at Anthrocon 2010, he allowed a friend of his, Rose (also known as Misako), to sleep on the floor of his room because she did not have a room of her own.

During the night, Sketch got up to use the bathroom, and afterwards, seeing Rose on the floor, proceeded to take off her shoes and play with her feet. After massaging and tickling her feet, Sketch became aroused by "(the) scent of her socks and shoes", before he "lost (himself) in (his) own lust and desacrated [sic] (his) body".

Rose described the incident in her own Fur Affinity Journal,[4] recording that she woke in the middle of the night to find him "laying on the floor ... SNIFFING MY SNEAKERS!", and opining that he was "trying to beat off to my foot smell".

In his journal, Sketch further related that he had cried after the event and begged God to forgive him. According to Sketch, "God leaned towards me, with tears in his eyes and embraced me with all of his love. I litereally thought I was going to die from the awesomeness that I felt in that room from God being there next to me, comforting me, and telling me 'It's alright. I forgive you! I forgive you because you are my Son and I love you so very much!' I NEVER felt so much love, I felt like my heart was going to burst!"

After returning from Anthrocon, Sketch destroyed his collection of foot-fetish images and wrote his confession on Fur Affinity. He later deleted the relevent journal entry after it came to the attention of members of the   furrydrama_2[5] and   wtf_fa[6] LiveJournal communities.


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