Size Matters

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Size Matters
Size Matters.jpg
Host(s) Kwandry Baasher and Kenson Shimobe
Update schedule Mondays
Launch date July 15, 2013
End Date Ongoing
Genre Macro/Micro

Size Matters is a furry-themed podcast focused on Macro/Micro and other size-related subjects. Hosted by Kwandry Baasher and Kenson Shimobe, new episodes are released on a weekly basis, recorded on Sunday evenings and made available on both the show's website and on iTunes on Mondays.

Show Structure[edit]

The show starts out with a "word from our sponsor" (macro/micro themed), leading into a preview of the topics for the week. After the theme music, Kwandry and Kenson introduce themselves as well as any guests that have joined them. There is usually a small bit of banter, and then two segments approximately 20-30 minutes in length that are focused on a specific topic.

At the end of the show, artists, writers, or other members of the macro/micro community that have caught the eye of the hosts and guests are profiled, and listener email is read and answered, if any has been sent in.

For the first three episodes, the theme song for the podcast was "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men. On Episode 4 (August 5, 2013), this changed to "Footsteps", a song composed originally for the podcast by Kwandry. The theme can be heard at the opening and the closing of the podcast.


  • July 15, 2013 - This first episode introduces Kwandry, Kenson, and the podcast as a whole. Topics include the film Pacific Rim as well as Anthrocon 2013. OhOhFlamethrower and Ducky are profiled.
  • July 22, 2013 - Guest Sylvan Scott joins the two hosts. The first topic is a look back at Sylvan's twenty years of macro/micro writing, while the second segment focuses on shrinking and growth in saturday morning cartoons. Dinosorceror, Tyrnn, and MKVero are profiled. This also was the first episode to feature the opening commercial.
  • July 29, 2013 - Kwandry and Kenson are joined by guest StarryAqua to discuss what turns someone into a macro/microphile, and to spotlight character traits and species that aren't normally seen as giants or tinies. Seti The Wurst, Kbob, and Iko are profiled.
  • August 5, 2013 - In honor of Bowser Day (or maybe just as a coincidence), Kwandry and Kenson discuss video games featuring macros, micros, stomps, rampages, and a general sense of scale. A potentially recurring new segment called "Macro Dos and Don'ts" also debuts. Nommz and Konokono are profiled. This episode also was the first to feature the song "Footsteps" as the theme song.

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