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Sivaoan is a feline race starring in the Star Trek novel Uhura's Song. The race lives on a planet Sivao, where it originally constituted a single race with Eeiauoan until the latter left their homeplanet approximately 2,000 years ago.

Sivaoan are the same biologically as Eeiauoan and can crossbreed. Sivaoan are nomadic by nature and live in close contact with nature. They have retractable claws and prehensile tails, which, unlike Eeiauoans, they do not hesitate to use. They have ideal memory with 100% recall.

Sivaoans are succeptable to a potentially fatal disease ADF syndrome, also known as The Long Death or Noisy-Baby, but never consider it a big problem, due to medicine prepared from a plant growing in abundancy on Sivao.

Sivaoans have a hugely overblown concept of copyright; for instance, a song may not be publicly performed without the author's explicit permission, even after the author's death. Thanks to this policy, a good chunk of Sivaoan culture was indefinitely locked inside a limited circle of bards who were only allowed to trade songs among themselves.

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