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Sio the folf.

Sio is an artist located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (22 Lansfield Way). They focus mainly on digital art and animation. Sio's gender is unknown to those whom he or she associates with on FurAffitiny or DeviantART, but is stated as male on Facebook. Sio is of the bisexual gender orentation. His real life associations with other furs include Ottawa furs such as Zets Coony [[1]] and other furs such as Dan Skunk [[2]] who gave the young artist an advertising opportunity on the Ontario Furries website. They are mated to Myst the dragon.

Sio O'Conner May 15 2015 Age 21
Sio and Zets at a local anime convention. Ottawa 2010.


Sio's fursona in feral form.

Sio's fursona is a white fox-wolf (western wolf and blue fox) cross otherwise known as a folf with blue and black markings, heterochromia eyes (blue left eye, green right eye), black hair, teal inner ears and speckled paw pads, and occasionally a green tongue. Sio appears more often in feral form rather than anthro form making it even more difficult to determine a specific gender. However in Sio's fur affinity profile they have stated the character Sio is genderless.

Over the past few years Sio's fursona has gone under two major design changes spawning from the original design of the character.

Art and Fursuits[edit]

Sio's art maintains an anime style. They focuses on character sketches and development, as well as comic strips or pages. With aspirations of becoming an established animator some day Sio also devotes alot of their creative effort into animations. Their fursuits lean towards a more "cartoony" style with anime-like eyes. Some of their suits include their fursona as well as other original characters, and some popular characters such as Lucario from Pokémon. Sio will make drawings for anyone under commission with verring rates. To request a drawing and view prices visit his website at

Sio Will Draw

✔ Romance of any kind (Gay, Lesbian Straight, etc.)

✔ Animal, Anthropomorphic, or Human characters

✔ Moderate Violence and Action Scenarios

✔ All body types (chubby, extremely muscled, femboy, etc.)

✔ Mature Content and soft fetishes (i.e. bondage, roleplay, etc.)

✔ Mechs and other Robots

Sio Will not Draw (under commission)

✘ Gore or excessively violent scenarios

✘ Extreme Fetishes (vore, inflation, scat, ect.)

✘ Animal Genitalia (human anatomy only) *Hybrids may be fine

✘ Anything he doesn't feel comfortable with

Lucario partial fursuit made by Sio at Anime North 2009


Sio takes part in two other subcultures other than the furry fandom. They are affiliated with the Otaku culture. Their involvement in the fandom includes cosplay making and attending conventions as well being a furry themed dealer. They have worked security staff at the Ottawa convention Naru 2 U for two years. Sio is fond of rave culture and attends raves occasionally with friends and other furs.

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