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Singapore Furs is a community of furries in Singapore, an island nation of just 710.2 sq km (274.2 sq mi). The group was founded and ran by Krado since December 2004, though the community has its roots before that, but not formally established. The community also keeps in touch with its regional neighbours as a branch of AnthroAsia as well as furry conventions within the South East and East Asian regions as a furry regional hub. Since 2015, the SGFurs is headed by Hollud and a committee of 6 group admins.


Fursuiting at Vee's birthday 2012

The community is active on Facebook, and the Singapore Furs Facebook Page is where the latest events and discussions happen among the Singapore Furs.

In addition, budding artists in the Singapore Furs community regularly discuss art-related topics and conduct art meet ups at the Creative PawPads (SG) Facebook Group.

Apart from Facebook, the Singapore Furs community can be found on Fur Affinity, Google+, Twitter and LiveJournal.


May fursuit bowling 2012

Furmeets can be organised on an ad hoc basis due to the small nature of the country. On average, the attendance has increased to fifty per meet.

One of the primary reasons for furmeets is for fellow SGFurs monthly birthday celebrations. Examples of activities during birthday celebrations include bowling, fursuiting during Halloween.

The SGFurs Community have an annual chalet meet, which started in 2010, to provide space that caters to the varied interests within the community, and provide a platform for members to contribute their time and talent.

Other examples of local meets include fursuiting during local cosplay events and playing board games. Smaller local meets situated in downtown Singapore usually happen over food, and usually end of the night with plenty of walking.

Furmeets also happen when the SGFurs play host to visiting furs from overseas. Furmeets of this nature may involve touring around the city-state, or having a meal over the wide variety of local food. To date, the SGFurs have hosted furs from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Norway, Germany, UAE, South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong and other ASEAN countries.

Unlike furmeets in Western countries, fursuiting during meets held in public locations is rare due to the complex logistics involved as well as the strict security that shopping malls have adopted. Furthermore, the tropical nature of Singapore makes it extremely challenging for fursuiters to suit at length, restricting their activities to mainly indoor air-conditioned spaces.

Halloween Night 2011
May fursuit bowling 2012
Nov 2012 - AFA
Night Safari 2010

SGFurs Committee[edit]

Since August 2015, the SGFurs community leaders now comprise of the following members.

  • Hollud (Theodore Ng)- Group leader
  • Azerawr (Ernest Wong)
  • Naix (Zheng Qixian)
  • Randae Wolfyote
  • Kazuki Tirashira
  • Arkmedus Woff
  • BraveWolf Heart

Committee Before 2015[edit]

The SGFurs prior to 2015 was run by Krado the lion, the founder of the group he claimed to run since 2004. The committee has a flat organisational structure of 3-5 volunteer admins comprising of active and pioneer members as advisors. Krado was notorious for his unorthodox style of governing the group, where he will maintain overall control of all members in the group, kicking and banning members from the group who he deemed as troublemakers, which is often frowned upon, but tolerated by members. However, the number of such group banning occurrences is rare, with 1-2 cases a year. Often, members are given warnings and chances before being eventually kicked out of the group.

2015 Committee Political Tussle[edit]

An internal committee meeting was called to address the Krado- Cheetah Paws issue, the group members collectively deemed that it was time for SGFurs to nominate a new committee, deeming Krado “unfit” to serve as the face of SGFurs given his “unorthodox public-relation style”. This is also considering the increased number of foreign scrutiny the SGFurs group now receives with foreign guests.

2015 New Committee[edit]

In July 2015, potential candidates for the new committee wrote guidelines for committee leaders, defining the roles and responsibilities of admins in the group to address the current loose style of governance. August 2015, the SGFurs opened up nominations of committee leaders, followed by subsequent voting of committee leaders and establishment of the new committee by mid-august 2015. The election eligibility includes being a Singaporean/PR and must be at least 18 years of age at time of nomination.

Hollud (Theodore Ng) was nominated into as the new group leader, together with 6 other committee members which maintains the SGFurs group page.

Krado did not run for a position and was not elected into the new SGFurs committee. Despite the election process being an open voting process, Krado claimed that the election was “rigged” and a “popularity contest” to remove power from the group he founded and to "cover-up" the Cheetah Paws fiasco. Following the election results, he voluntarily relinquished control of the SGFurs facebook page and twitter account to the new committee following the election outcome. He remains as a group member in SGFurs. Krado now maintains an alternative SGFurs twitter account (SingaporeFurs) and runs an annual Singapore Furry convention called “FurryLah”.

DarkLurker, a pioneer group admin, stepped down as a group admin after nomination of the new committee, citing "personal reasons".

Scalarius Blackflight stepped down as a group admin after nomination of the new committee citing “conflict of interest” given his prior involvements in the Krado- Cheetah Paws 2014 conflict, He was also underage to participate in the elections at the point of time.

2015 Election Aftermath[edit]

The SGFurs facebook group to present still remains a closed secret group. The inclusion of new members will undergo a thorough vetting process, where group leaders will now post details of the new member to be agreed upon by existing members before begin allowed into the group.

There has been noticeably fewer group furmeets since the new committee took over. It was observed one year into the new committee, SGFurs staple events such as the annual STGCC and AFA fursuit walk had been cancelled, with the committee citing “dwindling public interest”.

The SGFurs community is now split into several micro groups, often organizing furmeets independent from the main group.

2011/2012 Singapore Furry census[edit]

In December 2011, the first ever furry census was conducted to the furry population of Singapore. With the hopes of providing data to help better understand the breakdown of the local furry population. Basic statistics were gathered, such as birthdays, species, gender, as well as additional information, such as creative interests, location of residence, and even relationship status. The survey was distributed electronically via the SGFurs Facebook page and the SGFurs FurAffinity page.

A total of 37 responses were recorded.

Species count[edit]

Species Number Responded Percentage Represented
canine 15 40.5%
feline 7 18.9%
dragon 6 16.2%
hybrid 5 13.5%
mice 1 2.7%
shark 1 2.7%
red panda 1 2.7%
horse 1 2.7%

Demographic data[edit]

All information is correct as of February 2012.

The mean age of the local furry population is 21. The median age is 20.
95% of the local furry population is Male.
Students make up 68% of the population, followed by 22% who are Working, 8% in Military Conscription, and 3% reporting as Other.
FurAffinity is the most popular furry site. Facebook is the preferred choice for social networking.

Artists make up 43% of the local community talent, followed by Writers at 19%. Fursuiters and Photographers/Videographers have an equal share of 16% each.

2012/2013 Singapore Furry census[edit]

The second Singapore furry census was conducted from December 2012 to March 2013.

A total of 48 responses were recorded for the 2012/2013 period.

Species count[edit]

Species Number Responded Percentage Represented
canine 17 35.4%
feline 10 20.8%
hybrid 10 20.8%
dragon 7 14.6%
avian 1 2.1%
horse 1 2.1%
mice 1 2.1%
shark 1 2.1%

Demographic data[edit]

All information is correct as of April 2013.

The mean age of the local furry population remains at 21. However, the median age has dropped to 19.
94% of the local furry population is Male.
Students still make up the majority of the population, accounting for 68% for current furry professions. 21% are Working, 13% in Military Conscription, and 1% reporting as neither studying nor working professionally.
FurAffinity and Facebook remains the most popular furry site and the most preferred choice for social networking.

Artists now make up 48% of the local community talent, followed by Writers (25%), Fursuiters (10%), Photographers/Videographers (8%), and Public Relations/Marketing (4%).

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