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Sin City Furs, an 18+ furry group out of Las Vegas and established by the current panel of Admins and Mods run safe, non harassment, limited drama forums, and have several meets throughout the year. Established in July 2010 has had a quick influx of members, and the community continues to grow. SCF offers several special areas on the boards including a dealers den for commissions, Real time chat that is work friendly, and also designed with multiple rooms for NSFW language and an RP section for specialty members that like to participate in such.

As the group is 18+ there are safety measures in place to assure no minors access the boards, or the meets. The rules are simple and to the point, as well as the group is a close one that always welcomes new members. Do not mistake 18+ for being a hookup site, or some place that you can share your kinks with everyone. The members of SCF are adults and act as such.


The Admin/Mods listed below also have a strict code of conduct that is followed, we do not play favorites, and do not dictate what you can or can not say on the boards, that includes word filters.

  • Sedge (Admin, co founder)
  • Casey (Mod, co founder)
  • Star (Mod)
  • Dragor (Mod)

Anyone is welcome to visit us as and take a look around. We do as that you read our small list of rules before joining. And encourage anyone that has any questions to contact any of the staff.

As the community continues to grow more will be added to our description, this is just a small touch of what SCF is about.