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Simtra (real name Fox Wolfe-Johnson; born October 31, 1975) is a furry whose fursona is a gray fox.

Simtra found furry at the University of Central Florida computer lab in 1995 when overhearing other furs talking about FurryMUCK. The name Simtra came from changing the b to a tr in Simba from The Lion King. In 1996 he learned of a ISP job at Access Orlando and met Harik and helped found the Orlando Furry Archives (also known as fanarchive). In 1999 he retired as an administrator of the Orlando Furry Archives.

Simtra left Orlando in 1997 to start a new job in Jacksonville. In 1998 he met his future wife Tygermoon Foxx in FurrySpace on FurryMUCK and married her in 2000.

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