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SimbaLion (S.J.H.) was born on March 23, 1979 in Southfield, Michigan. His father is technically minded, while his mother was a painter and sculpter, which has resulted in a wide range of interests both creative and technical.

He currently lives in Chicago, and is studying music theory and composition.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Simba discovered the fandom in 1996, and because he was a fan of Walt Disney's The Lion King, he took on the nickname SimbaLion and created a character to fit.

Having seen large "furry" communities growing in places like Chicago, California, New York, and other major population centers, Simba wondered why a similar community didn't exist in Michigan. Taking matters into his own hands, he created the MIFur mailing list and began hosting regular events. At first it would be a good day if 3-5 people showed up. Within a few years, the community had swelled to the point where it was common for a major party to have 50-60 guests. Today, MIFur is one of the largest "furry" communities in the U.S. and holds big events on a fairly regular basis, including a new convention which began its life in April 2008, Furry Connection North.

Convention involvement[edit]

Simba has been volunteering his time with conventions for many years. Since 2000 he has worked with Midwest FurFest as a member of the security team, and since 2001 he's been working with the Audio and Video department at Anthrocon. He started as a volunteer, was quickly recruited to staff, and promoted to director when the position became available upon Triggur's departure in 2006, until 2010.

In addition to the traditional A/V duties, Simba also coordinated the Anthrocon dances, and booked DJ talent. Anthrocon's dances are known for discovering and putting a spotlight on some of the most talented DJs in the furry fandom, and he works each year toward furthering this goal. His last year as a convention volunteer was 2010.

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