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Simba Poberyl Maliki (born December 31)[1] is a furry who is from Plano, Texas, USA. His fursona is a Barbary lion. He now currently resides somewhere in Colorado after moving at some undetermined time.

Simba has been a furry since the early 2000s, and became active in the fandom in 2008[2] .[3] He was one of the Registration staff of Furry Fiesta 2013.[3] He eventually became the hotel liaison before leaving D.R.A.M..A. in its entirety some time in 2016.

Before settling on Simba Poberyl Maliki, he went by the name of flame-simba[1]. For reasons unknown, he changed his name, but he should not be confused with Simba Maliki who is also from Plano, Texas.

Not much else can be said about Simba Poberyl Maliki, in the fandom, as he limits his fandom activities to working at Furry Fiesta but he has not been in attendance since 2015. He has worked with the International Anthropomorphic Research Project (IARP), being an alumni and fursona in Psychology at one of the groups partner institutions Texas A&M University-Commerce His hopes with working with the IARP is to show that furries are just like any other sub-community/fandom and should not be categorized as a fetish; just like when the comic book community first started booming, they too received a lot of backlash but in modern times, they are a celebrated sub-community. His preferences towards the fandom is that there should be more clean and friendly media; as it makes him sad that the community is seen with such disdain because of stereotypes perpetuated by other media sources.


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