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Silvolf (born in England, May 19th, 1984) is an anthro artist whose fursona is a white wolf with a purple and white striped ruff and lilac swirls along her back. She created Silvolf in early 2001 and has kept her as her fursona ever since, having previously never been able to find a form she was happy with to represent herself in her artwork. Silvolf's fursona can also take on other forms as well and currently she has a Chinese dragon form, Silvagon and a deamon form which looks similar to Silvolf only more powerfully built and with long sharp fangs. All of them have the same markings as the original Silvolf.

Silvolf got an art diploma with merit for pet portraits in 2008, and hopes to make a career in animation or a similar art profession. She has been an artist all her life, ever since she could hold a pencil, finding inspiration from cartoon shows on TV, her pets and the world around her. She signs her pictures with the name "Laro" and a watermark in the shape of Silvolf's head. She is always open for commissions in various mediums from regular traditional artwork to sculptures of peoples' characters.

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